Baby Shower Gift

You know what I do for gifts when I am not so sure what to buy or not so sure how to buy what I want to buy (hello, money does not grow on trees!) Well, I make it! This here is a prime example of this concept. I just "whipped up" a little something for the mama to be as a little keepsake (I forgot to take pre-packaging photos).
You know the old saying...when life gives you lemons. Well when life gives you sugar, make cookies!
Oh and P.S. I PROMISE to be a real baking blogger again once I get settled in our new home!!!
 Happier baking, happier eating!


  1. Adorable! You can't go wrong with a cookie creation:)

  2. These cookies are beautiful and your piping work on the bib is just stunning.

  3. Wow - you make such beautiful cookies! Wish I had just a bit of your talent :)

    1. Oh thank you *blushing* so sweet of you!

  4. Hello dear would you share your cookie recipe... They look marvelous

  5. Those gifts are really cute dear and I am glad that you opted for them. Well, I am also thinking to plan a baby shower for my sister who is due in April and for this party, I will be hiring New York Event Venues. I am really excited for the day to come.


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