Gender Reveal!

Well y'all as promised...here is my gender reveal! Hope you enjoy my cookie and our news!

Wait for it...
It's A...BOY!!!


The Year in Review...I'm Back!

Well hello all! I know I know, it's been A WHILE!!! I am so sorry...I don't know why I haven't gotten around to blogging. I had a bit of a spell of burnout to be honest. I think the combination of working countless hours in residency and spending my non-working hours fulfilling cookie and cake orders put me into a pretty heavy phase of burn-out central! However, I'm making my way back to my passion with the perspective of everything in moderation.

So what have I been doing the last year...well living of course! A lot of living with so many fun memories to look back on. Y'all know we moved to Texas, which we love! I passed all of my grueling board exams so now I don't have any tests for 7 years...can you believe it, 7 years?!? This is the first time since birth that I have not had a huge test every year...okay a little exaggeratory but you get the point! I now have a beautiful nephew whom I love and adore beyond words! I got to visit the beautiful state of Florida with my amazing hubbs...and speaking of...we are expecting our first little bambino in January! In addition to these highlights, I also made an occasional cookie or cake in my free time! So now for a brief preview of some of the stuff I worked on...

Christmas 2012:

Birthday Treats:



Well that is all for now, I'm trying to sort out the direction of my blog...my original direction was more along the lines of recipe testing and reviews in addition to posting my own recipes or projects. However the last year or so of my blog, all I really had time for was posting pics of my work, more like show and tell blog as opposed to an educational blog. I'm thinking I want to I back to the recipe testing perspective but who knows, I guess we will see! I will just let it go wherever it takes me...sound good?

For those of you still with me, THANK YOU for sticking it out in my absence! I hope the other millions of talented bloggers have kept you entertained the past year! Be looking out for my gender reveal treats! We find out soon and I will be posting soon to share! Thank you for being here!


Knock Knock...

Who's there?
Linzy who!?!?
See I knew I'd been away too long!
Hi lads & lasses! OMG I'm back, can you believe it? It's been a while, so what have I been doing? Hmmm...a lot of things like spending lots of time with my hubby and moving and studying and test taking and starting my new job and keeping cool in the pool and river floating with the hubs and eating, oh yes, a lot of eating! I am thoroughly amazed by the fantastic food that South Texas has to offer, seriously people, we have lived in a lot of food cities but San Anton rivals the best of them!
Look at this HUGE pizza! Everything really is bigger in Texas! We went to a friend's birthday celebration at Big Lou's Pizza: home of the 42" pizza...crazy big & crazy good!

I've also been doing a lot of coffee drinking and dessert eating. The way I see it, it's research! Here is a tantalizing photo of some pretty much spot on New York Style crumb coffee cake, oh yum! They sell it at the best little coffee shop EVER, called Local. It is the perfect little coffee house that sells by far the best coffee that ever graced these taste buds! Barry and I have spent a lot of time there! Seriously if you guys are ever in San Antonio, it is a must try! So there you have it, my last two months in a nutshell or a blog shell maybe?
So as you can see given my absence I have done almost zero baking. Sad I know, but my plate was a little full in more ways than one! So tomorrow will mark my first day back in the swing of things, I'm doing a small cookie set for a new baby girl who recently entered this world. I will definitely let y'all see how they turn out! What if I forgot how to decorate in 2 months...totally joking!
So now onto the meat of this post...I want to show you guys this awesome book I received from my sister for a housewarming, or rather house-cooling gift as she said. I just wanted to show you all what an adorable book it is. There are so many recipes that I am dying to try & I will definitely share when I make my first paleta!
Key lime paletas...yummy!
These coconut paletas will definitely be my first tested recipe! The look sooooooo yummy and refreshing! Perfect for the end of summer!
After moving to Texas, I decided that it would be so fun to do a post series on Southern State's desserts. And since I am new to the Southern states, I'm going to have to do some research! In addition to my research, I want to include you all in creating the series. So here's your chance to share your recipes with me and with blog land. You wanna join in my End of Summer Southern Treat Series? Just send me an email at: sandwich.cookies.cakes@gmail.com or leave me a comment! Thanks everyone for having faith I'd return! Happy baking, happier eating!


Baby Shower Gift

You know what I do for gifts when I am not so sure what to buy or not so sure how to buy what I want to buy (hello, money does not grow on trees!) Well, I make it! This here is a prime example of this concept. I just "whipped up" a little something for the mama to be as a little keepsake (I forgot to take pre-packaging photos).
You know the old saying...when life gives you lemons. Well when life gives you sugar, make cookies!
Oh and P.S. I PROMISE to be a real baking blogger again once I get settled in our new home!!!
 Happier baking, happier eating!


13 days of work left that is! Woohoo! So that is awesome right? More awesomeness coming your way, in 3 weeks + 1 day we will be heading eastward bound on I-10 to the grand state of TX, our new home! My posting has been sporadic at best, but you get it right, I'm super crazy packing, studying and doing going away things that people do! So here are some more pics of you know stuff, baked stuff. It's fun & summery stuff I want you to see. I made it for a little lady's birthday party. Hope you enjoy!
{above pics=cool photographers pics, below pics=cool me pics ;)}

Happy Baking, Happier Eating!


Pretty In Pink

Alright party people...6 weeks, 6 weeks and we will be Texans! Wowza! I can't believe how fast it is coming so I am going to do some rapid succession posts so I can show you all the fun things I have been doing recently! I just don't have time to woo you with my witty charm ;) 
 This is a cake I did for a dear friend who orders some of the most fun projects I have done. I made this for her 40th birthday celebration. I decided to just have fun with monochrome! Hope you all have a great Monday! Happy baking, happier eating!


Thinking Outside Of The Box

The cigar box that is...So the other day, I had this great idea to go pick up some of those gum cigars for a happy celebration of the baby coming kind for an old college friend. You know the ones, they are usually pink or blue and sometimes yellow or mint green? Yes, those. Well the only problem...I could not figure out where I would find them. You see we have EVERYTHING in Los Angeles, but the only problem...figuring out where in Los Angeles EVERYTHING is. So this could be an all day mission! Instead of taking this mission, spending a lot of time I didn't have, getting frustrated and road ragey with others and stopping at way too many red lights, I decided well duh! I could make my own cookie version! This option was a jackpot! I went straight home, whipped em up and was done in no time sans road rage & with a lot more gas left in my gas guzzler!

Here is what I came up with. Now I planned to do a quick mini tutorial, but you know, in my time crunch, I sorta forgot to take the tutorial pics...oops! You know the saying...best laid intentions...

So I am sorry no tutorial, but I may be doing them again if someone I know gets a little baby bump and at that time, I promise...TUTORIAL! But for now, feast your eyes on all things pink & blue.
happy baking, happier eating!