Happy Birthday Taiwan!

You're wondering how I know this right...but then you remember that I told you this whole baking bit has made me a smarter gal (who needed med. school?) And then you conclude that I probably learned this factoid from doing an order, and let's just say, you would be right! So 'double ten' is the day Taiwan becomes one year older, and that's pretty cool!
A lady ordered these from me to share at a party she's throwing to celebrate the beginning of her country. She gave me two flag pics so I went from there...Happy Birthday Taiwan!
 Happy Baking...Happier Eating!


Final Catch-up!

I am so proud of myself, 4 posts this week and yet it is only Monday! This is big for me ;) Sadly, I wouldn't count on this being the norm; however, I am going to try my best to be more on top of it than I have been the last few months! Okay, so remember these guys...

Superhero Monday!

A quick post to you from me about Superheros...a very recognizable word to all comers, wouldn't you say? Well when my hubbs picked out this shirt for my godson we both immediately looked at each other and said "superhero cookies!" Since my godson tells people that his "godmother in California makes really good cookies" I could definitely not disappoint! So I made a small batch, just four (since he turned 4), just for him to enjoy! Apparently they made his day...love you my godson! Happy baking, happier eating!
the inspiration...



Yep, that about sums up how I feel today...CRABBY! I decided to go ahead and act as though I was still 18 and play 2 hours of beach volleyball yesterday at my work retreat. Well guess what...I am definitely not 18 and I am feeling every part of that today! What was I thinking...I was diving and blocking like I hadn't missed a beat since high school, but again I emphasize...I have missed plenty of beats and was so not in good enough shape to be 'goin all out' like that! So since I am feeling a bit crabby, I figure what better time to post some recent crab cookies I did for a 1st birthday!
I love when people show me the party theme or the invitation or whatever inspiration they have for the party because it really helps me fine tune my design. I was given the link for this little guys birthday party theme and therefore I was able to make the crab cookies look just like the rest of the party stuff! I think this little guy is so cute and as my hunny says, "he looks punch drunk" and I agree!
Happy baking, happier eating!


These dainty little cookies were made for a wonderful friend's grandmother who apparently really enjoys my cookies. This is yet another huge part of why I love this whole baking thing...so satisfying have people love what you make them! I was going for simple beauty and wanted to keep the color theme simple (coral & black, I almost did ivory & black but changed my mind at the last minute!) So this is what I came up with...happy baking, happier eating!

100th Day Celebration

You know what is one of my most favorite parts about this whole baking thing I do? Learning about all of the different things people celebrate! It's so exciting to know that no matter what, people celebrate! Mr. Poor Economy, you can kiss my butter because guess what...come rain or shine one thing you can't steal from us is the excitement of celebration!