Banjo Bonanza!

Have you every thought about how cute a banjo is? Well, it is! This cute little funky thing that plays music, which truthfully I have no idea what they sound like, but they are just cute! Especially when they are in cookie form, and although they may not play music in cookie form, they play music to my belly!


Diamond Rings & Things!

Oh me oh my, it has been a while since I have posted a little something. By the way, oh me oh my may be the cheesiest phrase known to my vocabulary at this time, but this sports announcer that Barry often listens to LOVES to say it and it makes me laugh, so I thought I would try it on for size! Anyway, I have been a busy girl as of late. This past weekend Barry, my sister and I made a trek up the great interstate 395 to my wonderful hometown for a bridal shower that my beautiful bestest friend Crystal threw for me. She organized such a splendid shower and she made me feel like quite the special blushing bride! From the wonderful people who attended, to the delicious food, to the homemade limoncello to the fabulous game/surprise she planned, the whole afternoon was so fabulous! I received so many wonderful gifts from family and friends as well, and to thank them I made a little cookie favor for each one to take home.


Happy Easter!

Eeek! Ever have one of those days you just should not have done what you planned to do? Well that was yesterday for me, I had been looking forward all week to making some Easter cupcakes, however yesterday my baking experience sort of turned into a comedy of errors. I was absolutely shocked that I did not just toss in the hat and decide to do without a sweet Easter treat and indulge myself in a store-bought Cadbury.


Cake Pop Craze...and Easter Eggs.

Hey chickies...what are these things they call cake pops? They are quite a craze lately in the baking world, it is almost as though they are taking the place of the cupcake craze. In short, they are a mix of cake and frosting covered in a chocolate candy shell all a top a lollipop stick. So I have seen these little pops just about everywhere from various blogs to Daily Candy, so I thought I would try my hand and my palette at them!