So...I have been sort of obsessed with making sugar cookies recently as I think my last several blogs have been sugar cookies, but in my defense...they are so fun to make! Not to mention, so good to eat! I made these little guys for my wonderful parents for an early Easter treat. So instead of just showing you what I did with these little butterflies, I figured I would make it a bit more educational and tell you a little about butterflies and why they are so amazing.


Pelicans & Sailboats!

Wow! It seems like it has been forever since I have posted some pics and said a few words! Rest assured, I have been baking, just not a lot of extra time to post. So I have a back log that I will be posting in the next day or two ;)
So...the cookies for Crystal's Papa are finally complete, and hopefully eaten at this point! I sent them off Tuesday and there should be much celebrating on going throughout his party weekend given he turned the fabulous age of 90! Wow...I cannot even imagine, I hope to make it there-90 that is, and Barry better be there with me sitting on the porch in the rocking chair awaiting some fabulous cookie creation that I will be working on while wearing my polyester, elastic banded pants and short permed hair-do. I can see it now, 90 is the new 40!


Flower Cookies

All afternoon, I sat at work dreaming about what I would bake when I got off this afternoon. Unfortunately, the afternoon became evening and when I got home and got ready to bake, I realized I am just too tired to bake, so sad! Alas, I decided to blog instead, better to write about baking than nothing at all! Plus I have a big order this weekend which I am REALLY excited about so I will be baking all weekend, which I REALLY love! What makes this even better...March Madness is on all weekend, so my hunny will be well entertained while I am baking away!


My Hunny-Cakes

All I can say if you are reading this is...be jealous...be very very jealous...that you are not sitting next to me eating this moist, buttery, dense, and surprisingly light cake. Unfortunately, even the best of writers could likely not do this cake justice with words; the only way to experience it is to taste it! So come on over, I'll put the coffee on and cut you a slice!


Tested Recipe: "The Ultimate Cinnamon Roll"

Source: baking.about.com: The Ultimate Cinnamon Roll
Difficulty: intermediate
Satisfaction: semi-satisfactory

Yummy yum I say whenever I think about a homemade cinnamon roll, or really anything that has butter, cinnamon, sugar and thick creamy frosting all in one. There is something about cinnamon and sugar that just makes me float to cloud 9. As much as I love a good chocolate dessert, cinnamon brings me a unique feeling of taste-bud ecstasy in which I find myself actually licking my plate. Such manners!


Post Card Cookies

Where has the tradition of letter and postcard writing gone...into cyberspace I suppose? Well one thing is for sure, I would much rather send or receive a handwritten note over an email anyday, just call me old fashioned! So what is even better than a handwritten card? An edible postcard that is!


Baby Cookies Galore

There are so many babies being born it is amazing to me! Or maybe I am just at that age that everyone is having babies, I think this is the explanation ;) Either way, I LOVE it! I have to say, I just love making cookies for baby showers, they are so cute and you can use such fun colors and sparkles that always make them just that much better!


Saturday Morning Goodness

Ricotta Cheese Pancakes
Well, I was hoping to actually get this posted on Saturday, however, my work schedule did not want to cooperate, so here it is on Monday morning! I woke up Saturday morning and made a big breakfast for Barry and me to enjoy. Although he is not a big fan of pancakes, I am!  Well I am a fan of anything with the word cake in it, come to think of it! These pancakes are so delicious, the ricotta cheese gives them a texture that is simply scrumptious, you will just have to try them! I just made mine plain but I have in the past made them with berries or chocolate chips and those too are simply delish!