Sea Sugar

Once upon a time, this girl turned 30 and received some adorable sea-life cookie cutters. This girl's plan was to use these adorable sea-life cutters ASAP, but sadly life got in the way. Fortunately this past week, life got out of the way and this girl got to make some adorable sea sugar! What is better than sea sugar you ask...sea sugar on sticks, because everything is better on a stick, even sugar cookies! Please come check out my lollicookies!

Oooh Baby Baby...

Today I wanted to share with you probably my most favorite baby cookies I have made for a while. My goal was to make them sophisticated, modern and gender neutral.



Yeah yeah, so I am a bit slow sometimes...but I am finally on Flickr! Probably did things a bit backward compared to most, but I figure better late than never! Come check it out for new updates!


Jungle Boogie!

So...a while back I had a plan to do a brief tutorial on my Jungle cookies that have become quite popular for baby showers...and I am happy to say I am FINALLY doing it! I am kicking my own butt into gear right now! No more slacking!



Isn't one such a fabulous age! I think so! I was so excited when I got asked to make these cookies by a friend from college. She wanted to give them to a friend who's daughter, Violet, was having a 1st birthday. Here is what I came up with...and I have a little tutorial on how to make the flowers.


Happy Birthday Hubby!

Just wondering...does cake and coffee constitute a balanced meal? Hope so because I think I had it for at least two meals today. Don't judge because I know if you were at my house with this cake lying around, you too would convince yourself it is totally a balanced addition to any beverage, wine anyone?


Henna Cake

Party people, we are at 100 followers! Way to go...only 25 more until I can give those lucky people the adorable cupcake luggage tags! If you have no idea what I am talking about, check out my on-going giveaway!


Chocolate Peanut Butter Shortbread

So if you are like me...the title of this post has more than enticed you to read a bit further. Chocolate...Peanut Butter...Shortbread! Yes it is as good as it sounds, maybe even better than it sounds! Because it is the week before a very special day, my hunny's birthday, I figured I would share a recipe that I made for him a couple of months ago.