Wedding Day...Happy Day!

Welcome back! Oh my, I have had the most wonderful 2 weeks known to my 29 years of existence! Although this is a baking blog, I am going to blog about our wonderful wedding, and yes, there was baking involved, so its not all about wedding bliss! As I have been saying for the last year, we got married on June 12 and it was truly without a doubt, the best day of my life! I wasn't sure what people were talking about when they said their wedding day was the best day of their life, it seemed like a lot of stress and work, but now, having experienced it, I can agree, simply magical! It was as if I woke up Saturday morning and all of the worries I had the day before were just gone and all I could think about was getting all dolled up to walk down the aisle to my hubby in shining armour, or shining suit I should say.


Summer Is Here!

Alright you all, this will likely be my last post before the wedding, only 10 days left and then I will return with a new last name, and lots more time to bake (in all hopes). I just wanted to quickly post some pics that I did for a 2 year old birthday gift. Beach Balls and Starfish, so cute right! Well here they are, not too much else to say about them. I will be busy baking our wedding cake next week, getting married on Saturday, and honeymooning thereafter so I will be back the end of the month! Happy baking, happier eating!