{Sorry all, the pictures on this post have been lost except two...}
Tis' the season to be engaged! I remember when I got engaged like it was yesterday, totally kidding...I am not that old, it was only 2 years ago. But still...getting engaged is one of those things that etches not only a vision in your mind but also a smell, taste, touch, and overall feeling within you that will always warm you when you think about it. For me, the vision-multi-colored sky grasping onto the sun before the night, the smell-sweet salt from the ocean breeze, the taste-Cakebread sweet white wine and seafood, and the overall feeling-obscenely magical! The only thing better...the wedding day!


Happy Thanksgiving!

The day of thanks and eating is now upon us! We on the West coast are enjoying our afternoon hours-de-ovres while the East coasters are likely deep into their food comas. No matter where you are on this delicious day of Thanksgiving, I hope it is a happy day filled with loved ones, good laughs, great memories, and delicious food. I myself am enjoying a glorious day with my wonderful husband and loving family in 15 degree weather with the sounds of football filling the pie-scented air. What a glorious day it is, and because it is so glorious, I want to share a couple of delicious recipes with you to share with those you love!


It's Beginning To Look...

...a lot like Christmas (in my notes at least)! Although we have Thanksgiving upon us in just a few days, I have clearly abandoned all Fall cookie ideas for those of Christmas. It makes me sad that somehow October and November have fled my life and I think I did all of 2 Fall baking adventures! So sad! I am going to whip up at least one last pumpkin baked good before November is over, I just have to! The thing I love about sugar cookies is that they are so artistic and truly come to life with just a little time and effort. The thing I don't like about them...I can't do my usual creative baking that I LOVE to do. I remember answering a fellow bloggers question one time...something along the lines of would you rather bake or decorate...Truly I am so torn with this question, I honestly cannot answer it! I truly love decorating whether it be cakes cookies or cupcakes, LOVE IT! But I also LOVE just plain ole baking, creating new tastes for my bakes, I can't get enough! So my answer...I'm torn...gun to my head, I cannot answer! How about you?


Whirlwind {Part 2}!

Here are the remaining pics...

Doggie sugar cookie favors for a 3rd birthday...
 Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for a lady-bug themed baby shower...
 Happy Baking...Happier Eating!


So I have a little problem...I cannot seem to allow the simple word of 'no' to come out of my lips. I have tried and tried and tried tried tried, it just won't come out and I don't know why! I have been vexed with this my whole life and I blame this condition for why I sleep very little and do very lotta! Truth be told, I love to be super overly busy...it makes me feel alive! I thrive when I have a whole lot to do and little time to do it in! Anyone else like this? I imagine there are many of us crazed with this problem, but that is what makes us who we are right!


Baby Jungle Boogie...

Want to know what I think is cute...a jungle themed baby shower...and guess who got to be involved? Well fortunately my wonderful friend Sarah who was throwing the shower employed her "wishing baking was her day job" friend Linzy to make the cookie favors for the adorable shower she was throwing. I had so much fun doing these favors and I know it sounds a little crazy, and maybe you are thinking I spend a little too much time with sugar, but I can't help but think these cookies each had a little personality of their own! I could not quite figure out which one was my favorite, part of me thinks the elephants, but then I look at the lions and think these are my fave, and then I realize I just love them all! So you tell me, which one is your favorite??? Is it a clean-cut winner or are you like me, totally undecided, totally loving them all!