The Year in Review...I'm Back!

Well hello all! I know I know, it's been A WHILE!!! I am so sorry...I don't know why I haven't gotten around to blogging. I had a bit of a spell of burnout to be honest. I think the combination of working countless hours in residency and spending my non-working hours fulfilling cookie and cake orders put me into a pretty heavy phase of burn-out central! However, I'm making my way back to my passion with the perspective of everything in moderation.

So what have I been doing the last year...well living of course! A lot of living with so many fun memories to look back on. Y'all know we moved to Texas, which we love! I passed all of my grueling board exams so now I don't have any tests for 7 years...can you believe it, 7 years?!? This is the first time since birth that I have not had a huge test every year...okay a little exaggeratory but you get the point! I now have a beautiful nephew whom I love and adore beyond words! I got to visit the beautiful state of Florida with my amazing hubbs...and speaking of...we are expecting our first little bambino in January! In addition to these highlights, I also made an occasional cookie or cake in my free time! So now for a brief preview of some of the stuff I worked on...

Christmas 2012:

Birthday Treats:



Well that is all for now, I'm trying to sort out the direction of my blog...my original direction was more along the lines of recipe testing and reviews in addition to posting my own recipes or projects. However the last year or so of my blog, all I really had time for was posting pics of my work, more like show and tell blog as opposed to an educational blog. I'm thinking I want to I back to the recipe testing perspective but who knows, I guess we will see! I will just let it go wherever it takes me...sound good?

For those of you still with me, THANK YOU for sticking it out in my absence! I hope the other millions of talented bloggers have kept you entertained the past year! Be looking out for my gender reveal treats! We find out soon and I will be posting soon to share! Thank you for being here!