So I promise to get out of my blogging drought, I dont know what the heck happened to February, how is it gone already, I swear it was just the 1st and somehow Valentine's Day escaped me and now it is almost March, CRAZY! So because I have been in a drought and because I feel so badly for it, I am making it up by having a giveaway. But like all things that are free, there is a catch!


Frosting For The Cause

I just wanted to tell you all to head on over the Frosting For The Cause and check out my guest posting. It is an amazing cause and I hope you take the time to explore the other great stories featured on the site. Happy Baking, Happier Eating!


Happy Hearts!

Ok I hate doing short non-wordy posts...but being that I need to be unpacking and then I should probably think about sleeping at some point, here it goes. A picture-full post...I promise to get back in gear soon! Happy Baking, Happier Eating!
what's Valentine's Day without homemade oreos?!?!
and s'mores?!?!

and lots of sugar cookies...

Happy Valentines Day!

Oh sweet Valentine, you have come again another year and now you leave us this night. Valentine's Day is not about the hype of commercial love but rather true love, and let me just say...I've got it! A short but sweet post to say thank you to my hubby for the best Valentine's gift ever...he unpacked and organized my computer and decorating area all while I was at work!!! Hands down better than any flower bouquet or box of chocolates! Oh how I love him!
To honor my Valentine I leave you with a snap shot of my his decorating expertise. Looks like I better watch out! He is on his way! Happy Baking, Happier Eating, and Happiest Valentine's Day!


Word Play {Part 2}

 Here are the rest:

Happy Baking, Happier Eating!

Word Play {Part 1}

So this past week I had an awesome opportunity to make some cookies for a photography exhibit opening. I was psyched! I obviously love to bake or decorate anything, but this was a new venture for me, total freedom to interpret the concept and display my interpretation on a sugar canvas. So here is the concept:
"Local photographers from The Shutter Clique picked two random words each - one positive and one negative - and will interpret their two words into a single image."
So how did I interpret this...originally I thought I would display one of the words in picture form and the other word in writing. However, after consulting my trusty partner (aka hubby) he suggested the picture should be something that can represent both of the words. Um hello, great idea! I did 30 cookies total: 21 word pairings and 9 logo cookies.  
(one of my faves)
(I took this pic before I piped on the Charming)
(again, didn't have gentle piped on yet)
(awaiting drying to pipe accept on there)
Look for part 2...

Are You Ready...

For some football!!! As you all know a very special day is coming upon us this Sunday...yep, that is right...Superbowl Sunday! In honor of 2 great teams (one obviously better than the other-go black & gold) I made some cookies to celebrate a great game to come! Happy Baking, Happier Eating!