Bridal Shower

These may be one if my recent faves! I was asked to do some favors for a bridal shower that was going to be a lingerie party. The hostess of the party wanted to do lolli-cookies and I thought what a great idea to do a pair of matching top & bottom lingerie together on the stick! I think they turned out just as I had planned  and I even made a special one just for the bride! 
Happy Baking...Happier Eating!

Rainbows Galore!

So this next set makes me very sad... I made them for a group of people celebrating the Gay-Pride festival in Chicago this past weekend. I popped them in the mail last Wednesday and to my despair found out today that they never made it :( I spent a LOT of time on these so they would be just perfect and I'm so sad they got lost where ever it is packages get lost at! Well I hope the person who stole them enjoys them...
Now, there were a few other cookies with this set, however since I run a PG blog around here, I am not going to post them...unless you really persuade me, lol!

Happy Baking...Happier Eating!


A Lotta Boy!

OMG can I just tell you how thrilled I am right now, I just realized there is a Droid application for Blogger...YIPPEE! Now I have no excuse! So exciting I tell ya!


Scrub Tops

These were ordered by a good friend who recently finished her residency program and wanted to give all of her fellow coworkers a little something to say congrats. This idea was from something my friend saw on ETSY and I wish I could give that person credit but I don't know who they are, any way you look at it, they were a great design! Congrats all of you new docs!

Pirate Cookies!

Hi everyone! I have returned from a very wonderful, un-relaxing, but very fun 2 weeks of vacation, and by vacation I mean 2 weeks free of my "real job" and a lot of traveling amongst our wonderful country and keeping busy in the kitchen ;) After all, vacation is a subjective term, right?


Teddy Bear 1st Birthday!

Wow, where is time going. Ya know, I know I say that a lot, but seriously...where is it going. It's like I blink and suddenly it is almost the middle of June and more importantly almost our first wedding anniversary! Can you believe a year already, ummm...I cannot! And where better to celebrate you ask? Yep, that's right...we're headin' to Texas and I cannot wait! I have always been a southern gal at heart, even though I was raised in the sticks of Northern Nevada, and I am looking so forward to checking out all that Texas has to offer!