Mad Scientist Party

Does anyone know why they call it a mad scientist? I mean are all scientists mad? Because I am sure that the scientist thinks they are pretty normal, and definitely not mad. I mean I know a lot of scientists and I am pretty sure they are not mad. So this got me to thinking, where did this expression come from? I did a bit of research and voila! Wikipedia comes through yet again! So per Wiki, they say "the mad scientist is a stock character of popular fiction, namely science fiction." There ya go, and who said you can't learn from a blog!
Now that I have completed my teaching point for the day, let me get on to showing you this mad scientist party I got to be a part of. I was in charge of all of the food and drinks and it was unbelievably fun! You know kids are fabulous and their little parties are such a happy place! The amazing mom that was throwing the party is one of my favorite customers (and friend). She is a wonderful mom and is so generous and truly wants to show everyone a good time. She allows me to challenge myself and be as creative as I want to be with the goodies she orders. Here are a couple of examples of projects I have done for her:
Pirate Cake & Cookies
Halloween Cookie Pops & Cupcakes
Christmas Cupcakes in a Jar
So when she asked me if I could help plan the mad scientist party she was throwing for her 7 year old's class, I was thrilled!
So what did I do...let me show you in pictures...
We had our healthy bites
 ants on a log & bug bones & legs
fruit atoms & molecules
then our savory bites
corn dog centipede & caterpillar wraps
And the fun stuff...SWEETS!
eyeballs & slime...EEEWWWW!
 here is the favor table...brain cakes and bubbling beakers
I labeled each of the kiddos names on the brain cakes in elemental fashion 
(you know from the periodic table)

So I pretty much LOVED the brain cakes! They were so fun to make and even more fun to watch the kids get super excited and grossed out about them! Of course a party is not a party without a host, or two for that matter!
 These two little guys were awesome little hosts!
 Happy Baking, Happier Eating!



So you know what I went ahead and did on Thursday? Yep I pretty much just went ahead and forgot all about the fact that it was my 2 year blogging anniversary! What the heck!?!? I mean it is a pretty major big deal you know, because really what else would you be doing if not reading my blog...don't answer that!


A day in the life...

So you've learned recently that I'm a little crazy neurotic. So since we are past the honeymoon phase in our relationship here, I guess I can confess to you all that I'm also weird, more like funny weird, and definitely not creepy weird, but weird all the same.


trying it on for size...

Were you guys aware that I am a little crazy? Well, not the crazy serial killer kind of crazy but more like the neurotic-control-freak-kind-of-crazy! Yep, it is true! I could probably write an entire post with supporting evidence for my claim, but in effort to complete this post and get on to bed, let's just say my claim is legit! Plus, I think that by the time I am done writing this post, you will have just enough evidence to agree with my claim, you'll see, just trust me!



I know exactly what you are thinking right now...what the HECK does fire have to do with engagement cookies? Then you think to yourself...ohhhh, I know, Linzy is trying to think outside of the box and create the metaphor of FIRE as it relates to the passion and love between a newly engaged couple, that must be it!


Paris Themed Cookies

You guys are shocked, I know, 2 posts in one 24 hour period...crazy! You guys may be about as shocked as my husband was the other night when I actually stayed awake for a whole movie after 3pm! Shocking I know. I used to have a 7pm cut-off for movie watching in my younger years, but now-a-days, seems that cut-off is getting closer and closer to the morning hours. I know what you are thinking...I am pri-tee lame, but let me just tell you, I get some of my best sleep during a movie, its amazing!
Let me just give you a little sample of our pre-movie night conversation...