A Favorite...

So I'm definitely not re-inventing any wheels here with these cookies, but what I am doing is enticing your tastebuds through visual cues to break out your peanut butter and get to baking! You know you want to, even if it means heating up the kitchen in these dog days of summer!


Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ever want to make ice cream sandwiches but you know the ice cream part won't last but a second in the summer sun? Then try making a literal ice cream sandwich cookie! I had a 4th of July party to go to and you know...my 'thing' is sandwich cookies (hard to tell with all the sugar cookies I do!) So naturally I wanted to do something in the sandwich cookie family but I didn't have a lot of time so I got creative and made chocolate-filled-vanilla-ice-cream-sandwich-cookies. They were the perfect mini sweet treat for an afternoon of heat!

Summer Fun!

These were some cookies I did for a friend from high school. She is throwing a dual birthday party for her two boys and wanted to give out some cookie favors! Yay! She wanted a luau theme with the 4 cookies below. Happy baking...happier eating!


X Rated (18 and over only)!

Alright you all, you've twisted my arm...so here are the non-G rated cookies I did in conjunction with the rainbow cookies I showed you last week! In addition to those, you will also find some hot pink cookies I made for my sister's bachellorette party! What party is a party without cookies!?!? So check them out via the link below, I want to keep my blog G-rated so you will have to click below to find them. REMEMBER IF YOU ARE NOT 18, YOU SHOULD NOT BE LOOKING! Happy baking, happier eating!