Baby Shower Gift

You know what I do for gifts when I am not so sure what to buy or not so sure how to buy what I want to buy (hello, money does not grow on trees!) Well, I make it! This here is a prime example of this concept. I just "whipped up" a little something for the mama to be as a little keepsake (I forgot to take pre-packaging photos).
You know the old saying...when life gives you lemons. Well when life gives you sugar, make cookies!
Oh and P.S. I PROMISE to be a real baking blogger again once I get settled in our new home!!!
 Happier baking, happier eating!


13 days of work left that is! Woohoo! So that is awesome right? More awesomeness coming your way, in 3 weeks + 1 day we will be heading eastward bound on I-10 to the grand state of TX, our new home! My posting has been sporadic at best, but you get it right, I'm super crazy packing, studying and doing going away things that people do! So here are some more pics of you know stuff, baked stuff. It's fun & summery stuff I want you to see. I made it for a little lady's birthday party. Hope you enjoy!
{above pics=cool photographers pics, below pics=cool me pics ;)}

Happy Baking, Happier Eating!