Cake Decorating 101

Alright you all, I am doing a special tutorial on how to decorate a cake...and by cake I mean a cookie shaped like a cake! These are some special birthday cookies I did and they actually turned out even better than I thought. Unfortunately I was doing them at night therefore my pics are not the best, but you get the point! Let's get started!


Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL!!!

I had the cutest order this week...footballs! Not just any footballs, but Greenbay Packer footballs for a 12-year olds birthday. Fortunately I have a football obsessed husband who was critiquing my ever design so I could get them to look just perfect, who knew there were differences amongst pro versus college footballs! Not me, that's for sure!


Give-away Winners!

Alright all, time to announce the winners for the $10 gift certificates to Thirty One...
1. Kathleen
2. Loren
Congratulations you two! Carolyn and I will be mailing you each your $10 gift cards. Please be on the lookout for an email from me to get your info.

Kathleen I will need your email address, unfortunately it is not on your comment. I will give until Friday 9/24 to receive your email address, otherwise I will need to chose someone else. Thank you all for entering and supporting Thirty One!

If you would like to place an order remember to contact Carolyn @ carolynstaszak@gmail.com...the Holidays are coming!!!

Happy Baking...Happier Eating!


GIVE-AWAY! (reminder)

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Just wanted to remind you all that my give-away for Thirty One Gifts is ending on Wednesday. Two gift certificates are up for grabs and so far, the probability of winning is very high, so you better enter! Click here to see the post and the three different ways you can win!


Hello Fall...Meet Apple Pie

So as much as I LOVE to bake, I must say, I do not bake many pies. My husband absolutely loves apple pie, especially in the Fall. So when he bought me an adorable red pie dish, pie crust protector and rolling pin accessories, I was motivated for pie! First of all, please take a look at this oh so cute ceramic pie dish Martha came out with this year (and yes, we are on a first name basis), I just can't get enough of it!

Cutest Ever!

So I think that kids are by far the most adorable things, but even cuter when I have such fond memories with them! I am posting the most adorable kid pic today because it is one of those that will just melt your heart and bring a smile to your face no matter what sort of day you have had...


Sweet Treats!

So I did quite a bit of baking/decorating this weekend, I was having a drought, but now I am replenished, at least until this weekend! So here are a couple of pics of the other cookies I did in addition to the monkeys.


Giveaway: get started on your holiday lists with Thirty One!

Last Friday I received a very special gift in the mail from my friend Carolyn...it was a cute little apron personalized with Sandwich C & C! And where did she get this fabulous find you ask??? Thirty One gifts that is! So this got me to thinking, it is time for a give away! Yay, I hear the cheers!


Happy Birthday To My Favorite 3 Year-old!

I will start by saying that these are my most favorite cookies I have made in a while and this is perfect because the little boy I made them for is my favorite 3 year-old! Well almost, his birthday is Wednesday! His wonderful mom asked me to make him some cookie favors for his birthday party and she had a great idea...she was having his party at a cute little place called My Gym and since the mascot of this little people gym is a monkey, she thought bananas and monkeys would go over great! So I took a look at the gym's monkey mascot and I thought instead of making just any old monkey, why not make it look just like him?