Enjoying The Sweeter Things In Life

Today is a different take on my usual posts...a smidgen sentimental, but sentiment is good and it is needed in this fast-paced world we have all become a part of. I have been reflecting on my life a lot the past month or so. But this past week, I have realized just how precious and fragile our lives really are.


Yay, My First Order! (part 1)

Lol...I officially have my first order...from of course my best of friend, Crystal. We have been friends since we were 6 and I can proudly say she is my first official order and I couldn't be happier! She even emailed me her order, I love it! Anyway, her Papa is having a glorious 90th birthday coming up at the end of March, so what better to share at a 90th birthday party than cookies?

Tested Recipe: Old Fashioned Chocolate Cookies

Source: Martha's Cookie Book 
Difficulty: beginner's ease
Satisfaction: all taste buds cheer!
Although it has been a bit since I have blogged, I assure you, I have been baking up a storm, no pun intended for you East Coasters! Last week, I tested out a couple new cookie recipes, this being one of them, and boy oh boy are they yummmmy!


Happy Birthday Cake for Ali!

Why is it that every time I finish baking something, I start to think about what else I can bake and when I can do it? If it weren't for the near diabetic doses of sugar in baked goods (just kidding it's good for you), I would likely never convince myself not to bake. But what is this longing that I have to be in the kitchen, passion, obsession? Passion is familiar to me when it refers to my love; however, it is foreign to me in reference to work, as I can honestly say I have NEVER felt this way about my "day job." So why can't I quit my day job and just have this amazing, warm, cozy bakery in which people sit around sipping their lattes and eating delicious pieces of thick chocolate cake sandwich'd around rich ganache??? I ask myself the same thing every day I sit in a freezing cold operating room putting people to sleep in order to endure their surgery, satisfying...umph, I guess, but not nearly the same satisfaction I would get watching someone sink their teeth into a lovely morsel baked to perfection. Ok...so back to reality...I was going to blog about something fabulous, but got caught up in my fantasy of owning my own bakery.


Happy Valentine's Day!

What better excuse to bake than Valentine's Day, combine that with me finally having the weekend off, let the baking bonanza begin! So given that I love Valentine's Day I had so many things I wanted to bake and decorate, but given my hunny can only eat so much, I limited myself to 3 varieties of heart-felt treats. 
  • vanilla cupcakes with Swiss meringue buttercream and royal icing hearts
  • 'conversation heart' sugar cookies
  • chocolate sandwich cookies with vanilla cream filling


Wedding Cake Practice: Day #1

It has come the time to start practicing my wonderful hubby to be and my wedding cake for our upcoming special day in June. I have heard a thousand times that I should relax and enjoy getting married, not make our wedding cake, but I LOVE to bake, so naturally let's get practicing.