Toy Trucks!

These next cookies are some of my favorites! I made them for a 2nd birthday party and they turned out just as I had hoped, a little old-school style toy truck flair to each of them.



I absolutely love when I get a challenging request...well let me re-phrase that...I absolutely love when I get a challenging request and it actually turns out! I got asked to make these Paris themed cookies for a girl from work. She requested the two designs and since I didn't have time to order up some new cutters, I decided that I would test out the ole free-hand skills yet again. Fortunately they turned out just how I envisioned, and I only had to say a few curse words when my ultra thin tip was getting clogged up with black RI. I couldn't help it!


Thank You!

I just wanted to send out a huge THANK YOU to Callye for asking me to guest post for her May Flowers series! Head over to her AMAZING blog and check out my guest post! Also...welcome all of my new followers! Can't wait to share with you all!


Flour Cake...

Hope the week is treating all of you well! I just wanted to post a few quick pics of a cake I did for Mother's day for a gent I work with who ordered it for his wife. The cake was to die for...hopefully...chocolate brownie cake with salted caramel filling and chocolate caramel ganache frosting...sounds like a food coma waiting to happen, eh?

Happy baking, happier eating!


Itty Bitty Bee Tutorial

So here is a short and sweet tutorial on cutting out your own itty bitty bees to make, in my opinion...the cutest little bee cookies you'll ever see! They are so simple and it beats buying a bumble bee cutter, which trust me, I have looked through bunches of sites for the perfect bee cutter, and yet have had no luck finding it! So here you go!


Bumble Bees & Sunflowers

Here is a quick sneak peak on some cookies favors that I made for a 1st birthday. The request was one large sunflower and 2 mini bees per favor. So I searched and searched for the perfect bee cookie cutter without success, I decided I may as well make my own! So look out soon for a quick tutorial on cutting out your own itty bitty bees! Happy baking, happier eating!

Woodland Critters

So I really must say, these cookies may just be my favorite baby shower favors I have made yet! My dear friend Brook asked me to make some baby shower favors for a friend of hers that she was throwing a shower for...and the theme was forest animals & the shower was going to be in shades of green. So after a short little discussion, we came up with various trees and woodland critters and I must say, these cookies turned out just as I saw them in my head. I love when that happens because often it is the opposite! I hope all of you moms out there in blogland have a FABULOUS Mother's Day, and to my very special, amazing mother...Happy Mother's Day! Happy baking, happier eating!