Birthday Wishes!

Wow, August is a busy month for birthdays let me tell you! I have been pretty busy these past two weeks with some very special birthday sweets. I spent the last weekend with friends for a dear friend's birthday in Coronado Beach and we all had such an amazing time. I made a number of things to make the celebration even more special and I think we all met our sweets quota by the end of the weekend. The birthday gal's favorite color is red, so you will notice a bit of red here and there!
This week I was putting together a larger order for another friend whose father-in-law is celebrating his 60th birthday in party fashion and what party is complete without sweets! I made boat-themed sugar cookies and snickerdoodles. Finally this same friend also wanted another smaller order to send to her grandma for her birthday. So, like I said, I have been busy! Here are all of the pics...


Sandwich Meets Sandwich...

A week or two ago, I got an email from a lovely lady, Keri, whom has a really neat blog all about sandwiches, called Sandwich 365! So naturally she wanted our sandwiches to meet and I just found out today that she posted the sweetest post about my blog! So check it out, and check out her site, it is such a fun blog with tons of witty humor and fun facts! Happy Baking, Happier Eating!



Baby Cakes!

Babies are in the air, or in the bellies I guess! Either way everywhere I look there a baby bumps galore! So I made these little baby cake truffles for a girl at work who is pregnant and happens to LOVE cake truffles. They are my vanilla bean cake truffles with little baby faces, and everyone at my work decided that they should be called crack babies (meant in the funniest way of course). Guess that means they were a hit! Short post for now, but I have quite the crafty week and have got to get to my to-do list! Happy Baking...Happier Eating!


The Good Wife...

No not the TV show, but the real thing, me, being a good wife by making my hubs something he can't get enough of...peanut butter & chocolate! Speaking of TV shows, I did get this recipe from one of the wonderful Food Network personalities...the Barefoot Contessa. Yes, I know she has a real name, but I like calling her the Barefoot Contessa much more!


If "one is the lonliest number"...

Thirty must mean you are anything but lonely! Isn't 30 such a wonderful number!?! I must say, as I get closer and closer to that birthday, I like it more and more. But more importantly, 30 is fabulous today because my dearest friend Brook is 30 today, on Friday the 13th, which is even more fab! I wanted to say a very HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her, so I sent some fun and fabulous green, white & purple sugar cookies for her special day.



Here is just a quick little post about a little thing I can international deliciousness...and what is that you ask? Mini Mexican chocolate cakes! This past weekend we had a little fiesta and to keep in line with the carnitas tacos we cooked up, I made these yummy cakes for a sweet end to the evening. Funny story about this cake recipe, I actually made it for the first time almost 6 1/2 years ago. Why do I remember this so clearly you may wonder...well that is because I made this cake only a few hours after meeting my wonderful husband. It was that afternoon, I turned in my cynical ways for the belief in love at first sight, and I couldn't be happier I did!


An Old Classic Jumbo Sized...

Who can resist a Hostess Cupcake, sadly I cannot! So what is better than a twin pack in the 10 for $10 section...a homemade jumbo sized one of course! So I, in truth, can take no credit for the design of this big boy, my ingenious better half came up with this idea as we were driving around running errands one day. I in my usual crabby pants fashion was like " ummm...whatever, so not using that idea" (no this is not how I talk, just how I think, haha) and then I thought a little harder and my next thought was "GENIUS!" Why hadn't I thought of it?!?


And The Winner Is...

drum roll please...


Thank you all for your participation and I hope to have something fun to give away again soon!
Happy baking...happier eating!