Banjo Bonanza!

Have you every thought about how cute a banjo is? Well, it is! This cute little funky thing that plays music, which truthfully I have no idea what they sound like, but they are just cute! Especially when they are in cookie form, and although they may not play music in cookie form, they play music to my belly!
My friend Sarah asked me to make some banjo cookies for her dad for his birthday. He plays the banjo and she thought it would be the perfect little sweet treat for his birthday, and I must say, I think it is the perfect gift. I think these banjos may just be my favorite decorated cookie because as I said...they are soooo cute and they turned out just like I wanted!

So here's the deal with them. They are black and white cookies, which poses a problem given the potential for the black frosting to bleed into the white. The best way to avoid this...let the black dry for a LONG time before you put on the white, at least 12 hours but maybe even up to 24 hours. I unfortunately did not have 24 hrs to allow to dry, so a couple of them had a tinge of black bleeding into the white which forms a little purplish color, but overall, not too bad! I finished them off with some white details and black strings.

Here they are:
just plain...
a little black outline
a lotta black filling
after a bit of drying...some white fills in 
finally...some black & white detail!
Another little thing I made as well were two different SANDWICH cookies, oh how I love them! One I will tell you about now, and another I will post soon. I decided I think I will do a cookie of the month post featuring my favorite cookie of the month, and this one definitely fits the bill...so it will receive its very own post!
The first SANDWICH cookie flavor was chocolate chip mocha ganache sandwich cookies. Moist, buttery, caramel colored chocolate chip cookies sandwich'd around mocha ganache which has an addictive flavor in its own right. This was a great combination, plus it gives ya a little kick with the caffeine in the ganache, a perfect after dinner treat! Well kiddos, hope all is well and April is treating you nicely...happy baking, happier eating!

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  1. YAY! Of course this is my favorite post haha, I can't wait to give them to him on Thursday :) Your cookie of the month is my favorite cookie of yours so far :) Delicious!


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