Cake Pop Craze...and Easter Eggs.

Hey chickies...what are these things they call cake pops? They are quite a craze lately in the baking world, it is almost as though they are taking the place of the cupcake craze. In short, they are a mix of cake and frosting covered in a chocolate candy shell all a top a lollipop stick. So I have seen these little pops just about everywhere from various blogs to Daily Candy, so I thought I would try my hand and my palette at them!
I figured if I were going to give these guys a try, I should read a bit about them, so I went to the source for cake pops who is otherwise known as Bakerella, who I am pretty sure played a large part in making these popular. In her directions, she uses the simplicity of using a box cake mix and store bought frosting...so I used this combo for my first time. I used a white cake mix and a can of vanilla whipped frosting. This is what you do: bake your cake, allow to cool and break it into tiny crumbs in a bowl. Add about a cup of frosting and mix it until the cake is well moistened with the frosting. Roll this mixture into small balls and freeze to set. Then melt your candy coating, dip lollipop sticks in a touch of candy coating and push into cake balls. Freeze to set, then dip each pop into candy coating until completely covered. Decorate as desired. Easy as that! Not bad right!?!?
So what did I think? Not bad, they taste pretty good and you could do a lot with them in the decorative department. I made mine little chickies which turned out pretty darn cute. The taste is sort of an artificial taste, as would be expected with the cake mix, canned frosting and white chocolate candy coating. I think that if I did these again, I would make a homemade cake and maybe a Swiss buttercream frosting and I would definitely coat them with milk or dark chocolate (as opposed to white chocolate). All in all they lend themselves to be cutesy balls of cake on a lollipop stick decorated in a number of different ways.
I just thought these looked neat all lined up together
cute little chickies!
So give them a shot, they are pretty easy and they make a lot! I also included some pics of the Easter egg cookies that we sent to my hunny's family. They are chocolate sugar cookies with royal icing, yummmmm-eeee! Alright chickies, as always...happy baking...happier eating and happiest Easter! 

So which one is your favorite???
Can you guess mine?ps


  1. I love your chickadee cake pops. You're so right about cake pops being easy and make a ton! As for my favorite cookie, they are all great, i love the colors but my favorite design is the purple with the blue striped center and the little polka dots, way cute!


  2. YUM!!! The cake pops haven't made it to Lanc. yet. I've got to think who I can order those for so you can make some for me!!! That's the way I bake!!!!
    Happy Easter, Linzy and Barry!!!

  3. Perfect Lynn, I like your baking style! xox!


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