Baby Jungle Boogie...

Want to know what I think is cute...a jungle themed baby shower...and guess who got to be involved? Well fortunately my wonderful friend Sarah who was throwing the shower employed her "wishing baking was her day job" friend Linzy to make the cookie favors for the adorable shower she was throwing. I had so much fun doing these favors and I know it sounds a little crazy, and maybe you are thinking I spend a little too much time with sugar, but I can't help but think these cookies each had a little personality of their own! I could not quite figure out which one was my favorite, part of me thinks the elephants, but then I look at the lions and think these are my fave, and then I realize I just love them all! So you tell me, which one is your favorite??? Is it a clean-cut winner or are you like me, totally undecided, totally loving them all!

Here they are...
Happy Baking...Happier Eating!


  1. Oh I am the most indecisive person you could meet... I can't decide either.. I think I love them all!!! So darling. The lion might just be my favorite....love his mane!! What tip did you use to do that?
    On another note...I'm having a laparoscopy tomorrow.....so wish you could be my anesthesiologist!!!! I absolutely hate surgeries and hate being put to sleep:( But at least it is not a biggie surgery! Have a great Monday!!!!

  2. Oh geez! You are so awesome! I love them!

  3. YOu are awesome! Thanks for inviting me! Nice to meet you!


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