It's Beginning To Look...

...a lot like Christmas (in my notes at least)! Although we have Thanksgiving upon us in just a few days, I have clearly abandoned all Fall cookie ideas for those of Christmas. It makes me sad that somehow October and November have fled my life and I think I did all of 2 Fall baking adventures! So sad! I am going to whip up at least one last pumpkin baked good before November is over, I just have to! The thing I love about sugar cookies is that they are so artistic and truly come to life with just a little time and effort. The thing I don't like about them...I can't do my usual creative baking that I LOVE to do. I remember answering a fellow bloggers question one time...something along the lines of would you rather bake or decorate...Truly I am so torn with this question, I honestly cannot answer it! I truly love decorating whether it be cakes cookies or cupcakes, LOVE IT! But I also LOVE just plain ole baking, creating new tastes for my bakes, I can't get enough! So my answer...I'm torn...gun to my head, I cannot answer! How about you?

So anyways, why am I here today...to brainstorm for the upcoming Christmas season of course! I am fortunate to have some great Christmas orders coming up and given that I cannot tolerate even the slightest feeling of disorganization, I figure now is as good as time as any to get organized. I plan on doing some very fun things for my Christmas cookie collections, I have been researching in blogland as well as all around me for some Christmas cookie inspiration and my notebook is filling up with ideas. There are so many amazing cookie decorators out there and no matter how many cookies I decorate, I still cannot get enough. I want to do more more and more! Try out new ideas, techniques, colors etc. Look at these adorable cookie ideas from some of my favorite bloggers...(in alphabetical order) click to see my favorite of their Christmas collections
There is just so much out there, you can go on overload, a month does not seem like near enough time to play with Christmas sugar! Please share with me your Christmas inspiration, how do you decide what to do with so little time and so many ideas? I would love to hear your thoughts so please share! Happy Holiday Season to all and I hope to have some new posts and pics to display soon! In the mean time...happy baking, happier eating!


  1. Hey, those are my faves too, LOL! I am doing a cookie a day, just so I have a reason to do each and every one =) Thanks for the mention and visiting me =)

  2. I would so love to do a cookie a day, how fun! I am so impressed with everything you do! Truly inspiring Callye! Keep up the good work and I am always hoping for you that the silly law in TX gets changed, fingers crossed!

  3. You are so sweet! thank you for the shout-out! (I think that tree in your post would make a great cookie!)

  4. SQUEEEEEEE!!!! Seriously WOW!! I am so honored to be mentioned in the same post as Marion, Callye and Bridget. I'm soooo not worthy!!! They are "Picasso" and I am "Paint-by-Number"! Thanks Linzy, you made my day! Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble Gobble 'til you Wobble!

  5. Bridget I agree, I was lovin that tree and may have to give it a shot! Thank you for your inspiration!

    Loren, you are so worthy, your stuff is awesome! Such talent! Happy Thanksgiving as well!


  6. Linzy... I am torn too...look everything about baking....love to try new recipes, love the smell in the kitchen...love to see "warm and gooey chocolate chip cookie faces" on my kids, but also love to create and decorate!! Couldn't agree more about the bloggers you mentioned! They are so incredibly talented and never cease to provide inspiration to me! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


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