Happy Hearts!

Ok I hate doing short non-wordy posts...but being that I need to be unpacking and then I should probably think about sleeping at some point, here it goes. A picture-full post...I promise to get back in gear soon! Happy Baking, Happier Eating!
what's Valentine's Day without homemade oreos?!?!
and s'mores?!?!

and lots of sugar cookies...


  1. Gorgeous!! Your hearts look so thick and precise!!!! Dying to know which recipe you have been using? I still struggle with taste or texture!!!:) Hope you had a great V day!

  2. Thanks Amalia! I have been using the same one you use! Love it!!!

  3. S'mores sandwich cookies?! That's brilliant and SO delicious looking!! (And totally cute)

  4. I cannot believe I missed this gorgeousness!!!!!!!!!!!!! The homemade oreos are out of this world pretty! Tell me when you psot the recipe =) LOVE!!!


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