Itty Bitty Bee Tutorial

So here is a short and sweet tutorial on cutting out your own itty bitty bees to make, in my opinion...the cutest little bee cookies you'll ever see! They are so simple and it beats buying a bumble bee cutter, which trust me, I have looked through bunches of sites for the perfect bee cutter, and yet have had no luck finding it! So here you go!
  • mini heart cutter
  • large piping tip (1M or equivalent size), you can also use a 1" circle cutter if you have that instead.
  • sugar cookie dough & icing
Now I am just going to show the steps in creating the cookie, I will leave the decorating up to you. Mostly because by the time I got to decorating these cuties the sun was no longer cooperating with photo time, and I am not a fan of yellow tinted photos from artificial light. But you can see my finished product above!

First off, cut out your hearts and mini circles. I was making about 40 of these little guys, so I cut out all of my hearts, popped them in the freezer. Then cut out all of the circles and popped them in the freezer to hold their shape.
Next take your circle cutter and cut off the bottom of the heart, just leaving your "wing" portion.
After the pieces have had a few minutes to re-set in the freezer, put them together like so. You do not want them to be too mushy (technical term) because otherwise you will lose their shape so make sure you've got a good freeze on them before you do this step. Once they are together...bake em off!
Voila! Now you are ready for decorating!
Happy baking, happier eating!


  1. These are PRECIOUS! I love the little heart on the behind!

  2. I loved these when they were first posted. This tutorial is a great help as I just may try and make they cute little fellas one day! Thank you!

  3. I loved these so much.... I had to make them for my daughter's teacher....however...I think the black frosting bled into the yellow on mine. Did you do the black first and then add the yellow on the sides last? Just curious...b/c yours turned out so flawless and DARLING!!! Thanks for the tutorial!

  4. You are amazing. I love your creativity. Nice clean work, too. Yah!

  5. @ Callye...I think the heart bums too were my favorite!
    @ Vanilla Bean Baker...they are truly perfect for any occasion!
    @ Amalia...I saw yours on your blog! So cute! I did do the black first, allowed that to dry overnight, then piped in the yellow. Whenever I use black I am super careful because I hate bleeding! Good luck!


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