Thank You!

I just wanted to send out a huge THANK YOU to Callye for asking me to guest post for her May Flowers series! Head over to her AMAZING blog and check out my guest post! Also...welcome all of my new followers! Can't wait to share with you all!


  1. I did! Love the decorating tips your provided and the flowers were beautiful.
    You did a great job filling in for Callye :)

  2. Loved the post! I'll be making colored pearls this week. I'm embarrassed by the all the different jars I will no longer be needing...oh well.

  3. Hi Linzy, just 3 days ago I spent forever at the store trying to decide what color pearls to buy and left without any (so expensive, for one color?). Then I saw your post. Did you read my mind? I posted a link on ediblecrafts.craftgossip.com :)

  4. Hi all! Thank you for the comments!
    @ Chic Cookies...thanks for the post at edible crafts! and I have been in your shoes, more times than I like to admit to, wondering what color would best serve me! Glad it can help you!


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