Toy Trucks!

These next cookies are some of my favorites! I made them for a 2nd birthday party and they turned out just as I had hoped, a little old-school style toy truck flair to each of them.
I had to get a bit creative with the tow-truck and the cement truck. For the tow truck, the cutter I had was not as big as the other trucks I was using for the set. So since I know how kids are and I know that they would be bummed if they got a smaller cookie than the others, I had to make it a bit bigger by adding the towed truck with a broken window behind it. I think these may be my favorites of the bunch! As for the cement truck, I couldn't find a cement mixer cutter, so I improvised. I took a basic truck cutter, cut off the bed of the truck and used my 2" circle cutter (smooshed into an oval) to create the cement mixing part of the truck. Did ya get all that? Lol, I think you can see what I mean when you look at the pics. Unfortunately, I was running low on time, so a tutorial for these gems was not in the stars. So you will have to use your imagination and I am free to ask questions if you really want to know how I did it! Sorry for the blahblah picture quality...it is so hard for me to finish cookies during the daylight hours and therefore my pics do the cookies no justice when taken at night in artificial light! Anyway, hope you all are having a lovely week...happy baking, happier eating!
See why I love these ones???


  1. These are so cool! I am digging the thin black outline. You must have a steady hand!

  2. These are awesome. Just love the tow, dump and cement mixer!

  3. LOVE them all!!! So cute! Did you use sugarbelles 20 sec frosting on the cement trucks? My 3 year old would LOVE these!!!! You have such talent!

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