Pirate Cookies!

Hi everyone! I have returned from a very wonderful, un-relaxing, but very fun 2 weeks of vacation, and by vacation I mean 2 weeks free of my "real job" and a lot of traveling amongst our wonderful country and keeping busy in the kitchen ;) After all, vacation is a subjective term, right?
So I am going to rapid fire some posts with pics and then a couple that may take a bit longer with recipes...yay recipes! Hope you all enjoy!
The first set of cookies I am posting is a set I did at the beginning of June for a little girl who wanted a pirate party! I love the pirate theme, but I really LOVE the pirate theme for a little girl! I tried to make it just girlie enough without losing the pirate look!


  1. I love how you got the perfect indentation on the bones!!!
    Great job!

  2. @ lizy b...you know the first bones I did sorta "naturally" indented and I thought, wow, that is the perfect error! So I didn't worry about it! Turns out sometimes an error is a blessing!

  3. Wow...these are great! Love the colors and detail! You've been a busy lady!!

  4. These are REALLY sharp! I LOVE THEM!


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