A week or so ago, I had a request for some baby shower cookie favors. Generally when I do a party theme, I am usually asked to do something that matches the invitation or decorations etc. This time I was actually asked to do a cookie I had done almost 2 years ago! I thought, hmmm...how am I going to do that cookie similar to the original, because that was obviously what the client wanted, but different enough to make it look like it is not truly the same cookie. So here is what I came up with. Hard to tell, but I put little pacifiers on instead of a mouth :)
After doing these cookies, I was lovin' the blue theme! So since I needed to make some much needed cookies for a thank you gift as well as some congratulatory cookies for my girlfriend who just had her baby boy, I went all out BLUE! The first set was the cookies I did for a thank you gift for a friend of mine who was extremely helpful in my job search process. No, she is not at all country, but I thought they would be fun for her, because she lives in a place that has a lot of these hats and boots walkin' around. I have also been wanting to do some bandana print like I have seen done quite often after Sugarbelle has made it so popular, that I rounded off the set with some bandana print circles.
my favorite hat
As for the congrats present, I just had fun with these ones. Lots of swirls and details in a monochromatic sort of tone. Hope you enjoy and happy baking, happier eating!


  1. Cute baby design! Your paisley and scroll designs are also beautiful!

  2. I'm loving your blue theme too and those shower cookies are just so cute. I love them!

  3. Hi Linzy - I LOVE the congrats cookies - I am getting into the monochromatic thing lately - it can be strikingly beautiful. And the fact that you royal icinged (not a word, but I "made it my own") the paisley whereas many paisley cookies, etc. out there are written on in food coloring markers. So, kudos to you. I am embarrassed to say that I have not been checking your blog regularly for the past 6 weeks - crazy busy but let me say that I just looked back on all I missed and I LOVE every one. I was checking your blog for new posts about BID (ha ha) but had to wean myself...between you and Sugarbelle, etc. etc. my dishes were going unwashed for days and days. :) So, I am back and will be checking regularly again - yeah! Congrats on your job in Texas!


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