Exciting News!

Yep, that's right my amazing husband and I are moving to Texas! You know a few months ago when I was talking about looking for a real job? Well what I mean is, I will finally be done with "training" to be a doctor on June 30th 2012, woohoo! So what lies after residency? A real job, with real hours-well real doctor hours which is a whole lot better than the crazy person hours I am working right now, and the best part...a real life! I am so thrilled to be almost done, and finally after an 8+ year journey, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! So where are we off to you ask? San Antonio! I am looking so forward to our new venture and although we will be leaving family (which was the HARDEST part in this whole decision) and friends behind, I just know that we will meet many new friends in our future and have LOTS of family and friends in for visits!
I thought of this cookie idea shortly after we made our decision because I wanted to send some cookies to a fabulous Texan named Callye :) to announce to her that I would be joining her wonderful state in just a few months! {So that is why there is just a girl and not a boy + girl, as my husband says, he is the one in the moving van ;) } After I completed the cookies, I realized what a great way to virtually announce our decision to all of our friends (both real friends and virtual friends) via facebook/my blog. So here is the whole set, both near and far. 

As for the state cookies, I was going for the look of those embroidered state/city pillows that are ever so popular, I still have the one my best friend bought for me almost 10 years ago for my college graduation gift!The California cookie was a cinch to decorate given that I have lived in California and Northern Nevada my whole life except the 4 years I was in Philly for med school. The only tough part...trying to fit everything I wanted to include on a cookie! As for the Texas cookie, I looked at a lot of maps, referenced the Texas pillow, and used the small amount of knowledge I have about the great state of Texas to try to be as accurate as possible in portraying the state. I hope I did all of you current Texans proud & I can't wait to learn more!
Well, there it is, come July 2012 this couple will be heading east along I-10...Lone Star State bound!
Happy baking, happier eating!
I couldn't make a Texas cookie without including the hat & boots.
Plus these are my favorite to date of the hat & boot combo!


  1. YEEEHAWWWW!! Congratulations on your big move! What an exciting time for you and your hubby and I wish you only the best. Wish you were moving to NY though. And TX has a cottage law now, so we'll continue to see your beautiful edible art! LOVE these cookies BTW!! xo

  2. Wow the state cookies are amazing! Great detail, and speaking as a Texan myself, you did a spectacular job on representing the state with that lovely cookie! Good luck with the move!

  3. Thank you Loren! I love your excitement, it makes me even more excited, lol! I am excited about the cottage law ;)
    Thank you Michelle for the sweet compliment!

  4. My land, if you are as good at doctoring as you are with a piping bag, then Texas is damn lucky to have you. These cookies are amazing. I wish I could print like that with icing. Just curious, will your prescriptions be written as beautifully? Are you going to debunk that whole bad writing/doctor thing? Best of luck to you, I bet you are going to love it!

  5. Welcome to the Lone Star State (from a Texan currently living in New England)!

    Enjoy your new adventure -- big fun awaits!

    And your Texas cookies are suh-weeet!

  6. I cannot wait til you get here!

  7. Congratulations! Good luck with the move!

  8. Leslie Gartin12/14/2011 8:52 AM

    Howdy! Welcome to San Antonio!!! We moved here 10 years ago and have loved every minute of it!! If you need anything or want the low down on the SAT, message me at BkLegalEagle@aol.com.

  9. Thank you ladies for all of your great comments! We are so excited for our big change! Thanks for following!


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