A day in the life...

So you've learned recently that I'm a little crazy neurotic. So since we are past the honeymoon phase in our relationship here, I guess I can confess to you all that I'm also weird, more like funny weird, and definitely not creepy weird, but weird all the same.
Like for one, I think really weird things while I am decorating my sweets. All these funny thoughts bubble through my brain and I like to think I can solve the mysteries of the world. You know how it is! So for example, while I was working on the cake for this post, I had the funny thought of why the sound of running water makes one have the urge to pee?

Isn't it strange?

Generally my thoughts have no rhyme or reason, but on this particular day, I think I had a reason and my reason has entirely everything to do with why I decided to make this 'day in the life' post.
So what is a typical day of cake decorating for me...well I am pressed for time to say the least, you know the pressed for time kind of day that makes doing normal bodily necessities take a back burner to the all consuming cake! Well generally, I put off all things until the cake is done, and on this particular day I was strolling along at my usual pace when I hit a speed bump...I drank way to much coffee, I mean water, and you know how the story goes. Well usually, I just keep working, and eventually the urge just goes away (you have to understand, my bladder is pretty well trained from being in the operating room for hours on end without a bathroom break) and then a few hours later once the cake is done, I will revisit my personal needs. Because I am crazy, I somehow think a trip to the bathroom takes way to much time out of my cake mission, so I just forge on like it ain't no thang! Unfortunately, on this particular day, it was no joke, I was forced to interrupt my day of cake with a bathroom break, pshaw! And do you want to know why...because of water! Namely a water fountain! You see we just got this serene fountain from my sis and b-i-l and the dang thing makes me have to pee every time I hear it! Which brings us back full circle to my initial weirdo thought and now you guys can maybe justify that I am not as weird as you previously thought and therefore I had every right to have funny thoughts like why running water makes you pee! So after my small interruption, I spent the remainder of the afternoon trying to solve this unknown mystery but alas, I got nothin!

So besides having weirdo thoughts run through my head...what does a typical cake decorating day look like for me...well here it is:

Prior to actually doing the cake, I make a plan. I scribble down my idea in this little book and just so you guys can see it with your own eyes...I cannot draw! You see these other decorator's cake plans and it is all intricate and color penciled everywhere, um yeah, that is so not me! But hey whatever works and apparently chicken scratch works just fine for me!
Along with my scribble, I get my color palette and see how it all looks together along with gathering up my recipes. As you can see my Martha wedding cake book is one of my faves because it contains my most favorite frosting...Swiss meringue buttercream! It is a little extra work but so dreamy, you simply must try it (I will post the recipe in my next tutorial).
So when I've got the plan, I gather my supplies...Smart & Final is a bff and my local baking supply stores are extremely fairly used to seeing my face! I usually forget something that I don't typically realize until I'm home, so you can see why we chose our apartment based upon it being across the street from Smart & Final (sorta kidding).
Okay, then I hop to it!
Because I am a true believer that cakes are always better the 2nd or 3rd day (I made the cakes for our wedding cake 5 days prior to our wedding, it just works!), I make all of my cakes in advance, slice them as needed and then freeze them until I'm ready to decorate. This will also make them more durable. So then when I'm ready to decorate, I get em out of the freezer, plate the bottom cake, have my frosting near by and just have fun.

The following pics will give you my routine...
 First I sandwich the buttercream between the cake
 Then I crumb coat and place in the fridge at least 20 minutes to set. 
I then begin my decorating phase, could be simple or intense, either way I want it to be perfect each and every time! Now I apologize for short changing you all on more pics of my decorating phase of this cake but I am doing a tutorial on this cake style so bear with me!
Now, it may look all quick and easy here but let me tell you, this particular 2 tier cake probably took me about 8-10 hours when all is said and done, that's why it's called a labor of love! If I didn't love it, I wouldn't do it!
I know that this day in the life is likely not as exciting as say E! channel's day in the life of Brittany Spears, but come on, you have to admit, it got ya thinking! In creating this post, I hope it may help those of you who are new to the decorating world and also shed some light on the baking/decorating world for any of those who may cast doubt on why a beautiful treat costs the amount it does. Thank you all for reading and as always, happy baking, happier eating!


  1. This cake is adorable!

  2. The cake is really gorgeous. You would never sleep well in my house, we have a pond with a fountain out back, and I love that trickily water sound all night! But I do understand that zen, I hate to interrupt cookie decorating, and always hit the ignore button on my phone, I have ruined too many things yacking on the phone!

  3. I just love this cake. The fish is fabulous and I love the way you did the lily pads.


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