So you know what I went ahead and did on Thursday? Yep I pretty much just went ahead and forgot all about the fact that it was my 2 year blogging anniversary! What the heck!?!? I mean it is a pretty major big deal you know, because really what else would you be doing if not reading my blog...don't answer that!
More importantly, my blogiversary reminds me that it was just over two years ago when my super duper wonderful husband (p.s. his name is Barry for those of you who don't know) convinced me that I had what it takes to actually share my baking with others and has been supporting me ever since. With every complaint or tear (Me? Never!) or doubt that I am not good enough or that someone does it better, or meltdown with a failed cake or cookie; he picks me up, wipes the batter and buttercream off my face, and gladly eats every one of my failed crumbs. Many people ask me how I have the time to be a wife, be a resident working crazy hours, have a part time baking gig, and blog (sometimes more than others) and all I can say is that I've got one amazing man supporting and encouraging me to be whatever I want to be! So I simply must say thank you to my Barry for helping me get through two very busy years! Here's to 70 more! (Yes I plan on living until I am 101).
Now of course, if I didn't have such wonderful fun people following my blog, it would be hard to justify blogging. Fortunately I shed such great insight in things that you all are just dying to read my next post...HA...HA...HA! We are a tight knit group and I appreciate each and everyone one of your comments and your taking the time to read whatever crazy thing I have to say at the time! So thank you!
How does a blogging gal celebrate the 2 year anniversary of her blog? I'm not sure actually. I wish that I had cool companies sending me free stuff just because I'm cool and then I would offer great giveaways to all of you, but I don't. So I guess I'm going to have to think of something to giveaway myself. So in the meantime, I will leave you with a couple of cakes that I made for a TWO year old's birthday. It's only fitting dontcha think? The dog cake I love...the cat cake I hate, but you know part of being an honest blogger is showing the good AND the bad. Thank you all for stopping by, happy baking, happier eating!


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    1. Thank you my dear! Hope all is well with you! Did you get snow???

  2. Happy 2nd blog anniversary. For the record, I think both dog and cat cakes are great!

    1. Thank you Paula! Your comments are so sweet, I really appreciate them all! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. I think your cat is adorable. I'm always looking for ways to make buttercream decorations so I don't always have to use fondant.


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