trying it on for size...

Were you guys aware that I am a little crazy? Well, not the crazy serial killer kind of crazy but more like the neurotic-control-freak-kind-of-crazy! Yep, it is true! I could probably write an entire post with supporting evidence for my claim, but in effort to complete this post and get on to bed, let's just say my claim is legit! Plus, I think that by the time I am done writing this post, you will have just enough evidence to agree with my claim, you'll see, just trust me!

I know you all are wondering why I have an entire post with not a single baked item in it, right? Well, that is because a very special day is almost upon us, I mean it is so important that it is pretty much a National holiday...actually come to think of it, it IS a National holiday. Do you know what that day is??? Yup, you got it, my birthday, and like I said, it is a National holiday, unfortunately it just isn't recognized nationally to be MY birthday but rather Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday. But hey, you don't see me complaining about getting an extra day off around my birthday!
Because my birthday is on its way, I like to ease into it (in other words, I like to stretch it out as long as possible to maximize the celebratory period). I am one of those people who loves to throw big celebrations for my birthday, I like to make cookies & cakes and do fun things all month week day long. So you get it, I sorta like my birthday! You know when I was younger, I actually asked my mom if she would throw me a surprise party that I had completely planned...are you seeing why I am crazy, maybe just a little...can you say control freak!
So unfortunately, last year, I felt like I got thrown into my thirties and I am just now realizing that somehow I am no longer in my twenties! Crazy how that happens! I mean as far as I was concerned, everyone around me keeps getting older while I simply stay the same. Denial...it is lovely! So anyway, after realizing that maybe I am getting older along with the rest of the population, I decided that I am going to try 31 on for size first. You know, I don't want to commit too early and then find out it doesn't match my eyes or worse...my hair! I have been looking around and noticed 31 ain't too shabby! In fact, I sorta like it and as you can see, 31 looks good in various colors, shapes and sizes. So I am thinking I will give it a chance. I still have 5 more days to decide for sure, but for now, I'm thinkin' I like it! Until then, happy baking...happier eating!


  1. Let me be the first to wish you a Happy Birthday!! Best wishes for a wonderful year, my Sweet Friend!! o<|:o)

  2. Hoping your 31st birthday is wonderful and that the coming year is great to you. Love this post...great idea incorporating all the photographs with 31 :)

  3. Thanks you two! And the same to you my sugar sister Loren! Hope you are keeping warm this winter!
    Thank you Paula for your comments! You are great!

  4. The best part about being 31 is that you can say, "Back when I was 30..." Happy Birthday weeks ago!


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