'I'm tired,
tired of playing the game,
ain't it a crying shame?
I'm so tired,
Gosh darnit, I'm tired!'

Sing the above lyrics in your best Lilly Von Shtup voice and then you know exactly how I feel! Every time I tell my husband that I am tired, I picture that I say it just like Lilly does! Now for those of you who don't know the movie I am referencing with this song, let me help. The movie: Blazing Saddles, the song: I'm Tired (you tube it) and despite the fact that Lilly Von Shtup's career (escort) and mine (doctor) couldn't be more opposite, these past couple of weeks I feel like I need to sing her song...well minus all of the "escort/lady of love" lyrics in the song. So really just the final verse (above), I guess. I just want to sing it over and over until I am not so tired!
Who else feels me? Maybe it is the time of year, maybe it is my never ending job, I really have no idea. All I know is I am tired of being tired!

So why do you care you're wondering? Because amongst my being tired-ness, I made some cookies for my grandpa's birthday, and that got me to thinking...my grandpa is now 92, isn't he tired? My grandpa is unlike most 92 year olds. I mean he still drives (not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing) and he still goes wood hunting/chopping every year with his younger buddies (gents in their 70s). Can you picture it, a little old 90 something year old with a chainsaw? Its quite a site and although I haven't seen gramps in action, I have seen the pictures time and again that my grandpa likes to show us when ever we pass through his little town. It is pretty inspiring to think that even at 92, he is still doing something he loves. I mean, I can only hope that when I am 92, I will be baking some chocolate chip cookies for my hubby while we get ready to watch the latest episode of The Price is Right!
 Happy baking, happier eating!


  1. I have to say -- I don't think I have EVER seen a chainsaw cookie in my life! SUCH a sweet story about your grandpa!

    1. Lol, thank you georganne! It was easier than I thought! I love love love your posts!

  2. WOW, GO grandpa! Sounds like you come from some good genes:) I bet he LOVED the cookies!

  3. These are wonderful, so is your amazing Grandpa! Sorry to hear that you are so tired and hoping that you feel rejuvenated soon. However, I can't imagine how you would never not be tired given your profession!

    1. Thanks Paula! I'm trying to rest up so I can name more soon :) thank you for your sweet comments!


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