Wedding Pics (from 9.10.11)

So you know like 6 months ago when I did both my sister's and BFF's weddings and I told you I was a terrible blogger-baker and forgot to take pics? Yeah well, I got some pics to share with you all! I still don't have any from my sis's wedding, but here are a few from my BFF's wedding, what a beautiful day!
 Here are the two lovebirds...
 Vanilla butter cake with strawberry filling and Swiss meringue vanilla bean buttercream
 Remember the 150 mini strawberry shortcakes I told you about? Welp. here they are!
And finally, just a really cool picture to leave you all with, I think the photographer did an AMAZING job. Please check out her FB page @ Misty Kinser Photography, you can see all of her amazing photos that she took that day! Happy baking, happier eating!


  1. Love your piping design on the side of the cake!!! And all those Straberry shortcakes! Oh my! But they looked fantastic.

    1. Thank you heather! The design on the side of the cake matched their invitation...it took forever, but well worth the end result! Thanks for following!


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