This is what I need right now, I need some ZEN. So what do I do when I need some zen??? I go to yoga, I get my sweat on, and I get back in balance. It is the most amazing feeling, really it is. So instead of going to yoga today, I am posting some yoga pose cookies I recently made to try to find some zen in this crazy day!Trust me, I am NOT HAPPY about not making it to yoga, but my darn "real job" has prohibited me from going. Why you ask? Well that is because people like to drag their feet and apparently they love to work all day and not actually see anything outside of the stark, sterile hospital ALL DAY LONG! Me, I am not like that AT ALL, I pretty much never actually even want to be at work, much less be there ALL DAY LONG. So if you all don't know yet, now you will, I am an anesthesiologist, so I obviously work with surgeons all day long, and sometimes I want to be a fly on the wall while they are conversating with their loved ones because I swear, surgeons are those people who love to be a the hospital ALL DAY LONG! I mean what do they say to their wives (or husbands because yes, there are female surgeons) "Hi hunny, yeah, another long day at the hospital, you know I just can't get away and truly enjoy spending every minute of my day at the hospital." Doesn't that get old? I would think so! In terms of being a fly on the wall in my phone conversation to my hubby...here is how it goes, "Hi hunny, yes, I. AM. STILL. HERE, just waiting on the surgeon to decide they have worked long enough today and wrap this case up, I hope to see you sometime..." Now don't get me wrong, I love doing what I do, but after 10, 12, 14, 24 hrs straight, it gets a bit tiresome! Because afterall, I am human, and that is a normal feeling to feel, but for some, its just fuel to the fire!

Okay, so now back to ZEN-ing out with my yoga cookies, since right about now I am missing the intense flow phase of my yoga class (not that I am bitter or anything), which is the part that gets my heart pumping, my sweat pouring and my evil humors outta sight & outta mind. I made these cookies for my bff who wanted to bring them to a 30th birthday/slumber party for another friend of ours who loves yoga. The idea was all my bff's, and I LOVE the way they turned out, I may need to consider hiring her in the creative department of my LLC, lol!
Well thank you all for listening to my venting/Zen session, oddly I do feel better! Sometimes you just gotta get it outta your head and onto paper, eh...computer screen I mean. Happy baking, happier eating!


  1. I adore these cookies! Two of my sisters have been practicing yoga for years and they would love these cookies. Thanks for the birthday cookie idea for them!

  2. You are welcome! Enjoy making them, sounds funny, but they are really fun to make!

  3. Don't work too hard!!! These are beautiful, love the colors!

  4. These are so cute! I feel the same way about yoga and hate it when my real job gets in the way!

  5. Did you just draw freehand, do the thumb tack outline? What's the trick? They look great!!

    1. I do raw freehand :) I haven't tried the other techniques, I just cross my fingers and hope for the best!

  6. i teach kids yoga and these cookies would be so perfect. did you post the recipe somewhere? thanks


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