Birthday Wishes!

I made some very special cookies for my very special father for his 60th birthday, yay! Just thinking about these yummy-yum-yum cookies has my taste-buds salivating! Now, my dad is a true sweet tooth, one of the originals I'm convinced! I wonder where I got mine from?!? My dad LOVES chocolate chip cookies! I remember making them with my mom when I was very young. She had this huge aluminum bowl that we would make them in, usually at least doubling the recipe. I always loved "sampling"  along the way. The best part of cookie dough to "sample" is by far the butter combined with the sugars, what could be better (this part is my mom's favorite as well). My other favorite memory about my dad growing up was his "hidden M&M's." Whenever my dad needed to run errands on a weekend he would ask one of us kids to come help. He then would always need to stop at 7-11 to pick up a weekend paper, while inside 7-11 he would get a pack of plain M&Ms and hide them inside the paper to give to us as a treat for coming with him. This was the best! I always wondered if they would be in there, and without fail, they always were! Aren't parents wonderful! I always think to myself, how the heck did they do it?!? Thanks dad & mom for giving me such a wonderful childhood with "sweet memories!"

you can just see the valleys of toffee running through them...mmm...mmm...mmm!

So what is so great about this particular batch of chocolate chip cookies...toffee! With just a hint of toffee these cookies went from the "best cookies I have ever made" to "the BEST cookies BY FAR that I have ever made," according to my sweet hubby. The toffee brings out a new taste dimension. It adds that sweet-salty component and envelopes the entire cookie in buttery goodness, again butter and sugar...can't get enough! Well enough about how good they are, I am sure you want the recipe, right? Well, I am a little stingy with this recipe so I am going to make it a little harder to get it from my grasp. I will share the recipe only after I have received 15 comments on this post as to who wants the recipe. I want to gain more readers on my blog, so if you REALLY want this scrumptious recipe, share my blog with your pals and post a comment! Plus...for whomever promotes the most "new readers," I will send a dozen of the yummy-yum-yums to sink your teeth into, now who doesn't like free stuff! To all...happy baking, happier eating...especially on the 4th!


  1. I want the recipe, but really want the free dozen hehe :) Love u! Top Chef Desserts here you come!!!

  2. I want! I loved the story about your dad-so sweet. I can't remember what my profile is or how I set it up. I'm lame.

    See you soon! -Crystal

  3. Yay girls! Thank you for the comments! I am preparing for Top Chef Desserts! Haha! Can't wait to see you both next week, just in different places! Love you!

  4. I love toffee in chocolate chip cookies!!


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