Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL!!!

I had the cutest order this week...footballs! Not just any footballs, but Greenbay Packer footballs for a 12-year olds birthday. Fortunately I have a football obsessed husband who was critiquing my ever design so I could get them to look just perfect, who knew there were differences amongst pro versus college footballs! Not me, that's for sure!

Football is a great time of year in our household. It is the ringing in of fall, and although 7 years ago (aka P.B.T. pre-Barry time) I wasn't much of a football watcher, I can truly say I enjoy lazy Sundays with the sound of football on in the background. Because our apartment is so tiny, I can bake and watch football all at the same time, it works out great!  

Well I will leave you with some pics and something that never ceases to annoy me when it happens and if anyone has advice on how to prevent it, PLEASE let me know! I finished these cookies this morning before work and then when I returned from work they were all spotted, AARRRRGH! Take a look in the pics and you can see the subtle differences in the brown. Now I know this has something to do with the humidity and the drying process of the royal icing and it generally resolves itself by the time they are eaten, but I would really like to prevent this from showing up on my cookies! So if you have got any clues...clue me in! Alright you all, Happy Baking...Happier Eating!


  1. I've had this same issue with red royal frosting on Christmas cookies, so I'm curious as to how to prevent this as well. By the way, your football cookies still look great! :)

  2. I just made footballs last week...and struggled with some indents occurring on the skinny white stripes...you know from flooding in tiny areas..ugggghhhh...I'll have to send pics b/c they are not on my blog yet. As for the brown... that happened to me once before. I actually had frozen some sugar cookies and then thawed them to frost them. I let them come to room temp before frosting and then frosted....I also noticed those same spots...not sure if it was because there may have been more moisture in the cookie after freezing?? Needless to say.. I have not frozen cookies prior to frosting since !!!! Yours still look super, though!

  3. This household LOVES LOVES LOVES the packers cookies!! Go PACK Go!! :)

    Miss you Linzy, you do beautiful work!!!

    ~the other Lindsey~


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