Have you ever thought about how many statements/cliches there are about home...
Home is where the heart is.
There's no place like home
Home sweet home.
A house divided against itself cannot stand.
Mi casa es su casa!
God bless this house.
Honey I'm home!
Make your house a home...and on and on and on...So this got me to thinking. Why do we have so many sayings about one common theme. Strangely each of these statements seem to hold both truth and a degree of nostalgia within them. I believe it's because of that universal feeling that home gives each of us. It is a blanket of warmth and comfort that no matter where you are in your day, the thought of coming home brings you peace of mind. A home is what we make it, you groom and mold the home that is perfect for you and those contained within your home and each day you strive to make it better. We seek out inherent features in a house and through careful inspection and improvement we make that house our home.
So why am I talking about this you say...
Well because I made some home sweet home cookies for a couple of friends whom recently found their new home. And what better way to welcome one into their new home than with housewarming-house-cookies! I always figure a blog is much more fun to read if I leave you with not only pictures but more importantly something to help you think or reflect upon. We have so much to be grateful and happy for in this life and sometimes it is something as silly as reading a blog post (or writing one for me ;) ) that can help remind us of that!

Happy Baking...Happier Eating...Happiest Homemaking!


  1. You're so right! Sometimes we all need a reminder of all the precious blessings we have in our lives! Thank you for the reminder and what a thoughtful idea!


  2. Very, very sweet! I also like the texture on the chimney.


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