In My Absence

I have been away all weekend in San Diego at a work conference and my creative juices have been on hold. They are bubbling out of me and I simply must get back in the kitchen! I have some cute cookies I worked on last week and some I am doing this week that I will be posting just as soon as I get caught up after my trip.
Our trip has been great, Barry and I have enjoyed a ton of really good food and I have spent time with my dear friend Sarah who lives down here as well! Unfortunately, I forgot my camera at home and therefore have not taken any pics of our lovely trip, bummer!
I just wanted to leave you all with a post that Jamie at Cake Mom posted about my pumpkin sandwich cookies...oh I love pumpkin! Check out my recipe and give it a shot, fall is here and what better way to experience fall than with pumpkin!
Happy Baking...Happier Eating!

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