Word Play {Part 1}

So this past week I had an awesome opportunity to make some cookies for a photography exhibit opening. I was psyched! I obviously love to bake or decorate anything, but this was a new venture for me, total freedom to interpret the concept and display my interpretation on a sugar canvas. So here is the concept:
"Local photographers from The Shutter Clique picked two random words each - one positive and one negative - and will interpret their two words into a single image."
So how did I interpret this...originally I thought I would display one of the words in picture form and the other word in writing. However, after consulting my trusty partner (aka hubby) he suggested the picture should be something that can represent both of the words. Um hello, great idea! I did 30 cookies total: 21 word pairings and 9 logo cookies.  
(one of my faves)
(I took this pic before I piped on the Charming)
(again, didn't have gentle piped on yet)
(awaiting drying to pipe accept on there)
Look for part 2...


  1. These are awesome!! I am one of the photographers in the show (my words are Anguish/Virtue)...thank you so much for making these special cookies! LOVE!!

  2. Thanks Lissa! Oh I loved making your two words, cant wait to see pics from the exhibit!

  3. WOWSA!! These are so cool! Your letter piping is really great...what tip do you use? I usually avoid writing on cakes and cookies if I can help it! Great job!!

  4. Thanks Loren! These were some of my most fun cookies to create because they were all different. I too hate writing on cookies because I never LOVE it when I do, but these totally needed it. I used a Ateco 00 tip.

  5. W.O.W. This sounds like a FANTASTIC project! It must have taken A LOT of conceptualizing time. I love your lettering, and your cookies are amazing!

  6. Congrats on creating your edible art pieces for the exhibit! Bravo to you!

  7. Thank you lilaloa and Sue for your sweet sweet comments! I appreciate it so much! Happy Baking!


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