Teddy Bear 1st Birthday!

Wow, where is time going. Ya know, I know I say that a lot, but seriously...where is it going. It's like I blink and suddenly it is almost the middle of June and more importantly almost our first wedding anniversary! Can you believe a year already, ummm...I cannot! And where better to celebrate you ask? Yep, that's right...we're headin' to Texas and I cannot wait! I have always been a southern gal at heart, even though I was raised in the sticks of Northern Nevada, and I am looking so forward to checking out all that Texas has to offer!
So back to why I am here today, weeks since I last posted anything, it is crazy dontcha think! I wanted to share a dessert theme I did for a little lady turning one. I realized I love doing entire dessert themes, it is so fun to tie it all together!
Of course there were sugar cookies for favors and while I was at it with the sugar cookies, I decided to take a great idea from Callye and make some mini sugar cookies on sticks for cupcake toppers.
So obviously if there were cupcake toppers, there were cupcakes. Two varieties: chocolate with creamy fudge frosting and vanilla bean with vanilla-caramel frosting.
Finally there was cake, a 'smash cake' of course, frosted with lots and lots of baby pink frosting perfect for the birthday girls excited hands to plop into! The cake was vanilla bean cake with good ole' sugary buttercream goodness! Yummy!
 Well I hope that all of you are well, and I know many of you have asked for some recipes and I have all intentions of posting some of the recipes I have recently made, I PROMISE! I just gotta find a couple more hours in the day! Happy baking y'all (gotta practice, lol) happier eating!


  1. I have been WAITING, rather impatiently I might add, for your next posting and YAH it was today. Cupcake toppers...great idea. My daughter will be 3 in 2 weeks and she insists on cars and cats for her cake theme. Who am I to change her mind. So, I think I will do cars and cats mini cookies for toppers. I think it will be easier to decorate mini cookies, rather than try to make cars and cats directly on the cake...THANKS for the reminder idea. If they turn out well, I will send you a pic! Beth

  2. I let out a big AWWWWWWWW when I saw those sweet bears! Perfection!

    Happy Almost Anniversary :)

  3. These are the cutest bears! Congratulations on your upcoming 1st wedding anniversary! Will you be making a special cookie to honor the occasion? Have a wonderful time in Texas!

  4. something so sweet about a chubby tummy on a bear....the eyelashes are adorable too...love these!

  5. Awe these are sooooooo cute!!! Great job everything looks wonderful!!

  6. These are so adorable. The frosting looks so perfect....looks like you didn't even pipe...just used flooding? So beautiful!!!! Happy Anniversary!

  7. These look perfect! They are adorable Linzy! I love the pink ruffles and the matchign pink hearts on the teddy's

  8. omigoodness these are so sweet!!

  9. Oh my goodness you guys are all so wonderful, thank you for your sweet words! I absolutely loved this theme!
    @ Beth: love the cars & cats theme! Please send pics!
    @ Heather thank you for the anniversary wishes!
    @ Ken & sherri: no cookie plans, hopefully eating some delicious baked good made by someone else :)
    @ Susie: agreed...love chubby tummies!
    @ Samantha, @ sugar butter & @ sweet tooth: thank you!
    @ amalia yes just flooded :) thanks so much! Been loving your stuff too!

  10. The teddy bear cookies are too cute, makes me want to hug one as much as eat one. Your cupcakes and toppers, your beautiful cake...what a wonderful celebration you created for a very luck little girl.
    Enjoy TEXAS and Happy Anniversary!

  11. So, so cute. I love then. Thanks for a great post


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