Happy August!

Hi all! So I have been busy busy with lots-o-baking but I wanted to post this to kick of the month and also I wanted to send out a happy happy birthday to my little brother, my brother-in-law to be, and my best friend-in-law to be (hmm...what does that mean you wonder? My best friends fiance of course), and what better way than to show off a birthday cake I made this past weekend!
Now, I cannot take credit for the design of the cake because the woman who ordered the cake showed me the pic of how she wanted it. However, I will take credit for the hours I put into making every part of this guy edible...even the treasure chest! Let me tell you, it was a challenge but I LOVED doing it! It was chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet with cream cheese frosting and fondant cover/decor. If you want to check out the cake I designed it after...click here

 Here are some cookies I did in addition for the pirate birthday theme
 another shot...
 a close up of the fondant skull & crossbones...
 more views of the middle "map" layer...
Hope all is well with you all and as usual...Happy Baking...Happier Eating!


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