Happy 2012!

Did y'all know that its almost IS 2012 (yes I started writing this yesterday, yet ran out of time to finish)? Did y'all know I am using y'all to get ready for moving to Texas in just 6 months! Yes, I said it, 6 months from yesterday the hubby and I will be driving our 2 SUVs and a U-haul trailer to the Lone Star State and I don't even have to tell you, but I will...we are excited! Confession, I am not sure that Texans even use y'all as much as the other Southern states use it (please my Texan followers, inform me) but in my mind, they do and you better believe that I will be using it in it's fullest the minute I plant my West coast foot in Texas soil. And you are aware that my West coast foot will most definitely have a boot on it, because that is what I do! But for all of you who think that I bought boots just so that I can live in Texas...I have got a tid bit of info for you...my history with boots (the cowboy variety, not the fashion boot variety) goes WAY back. Way back that is to when I was a little toe-head running around with the sheep and horses that paint the memories of my childhood. Yep, that's right, I was a little cowgirl! I am pretty sure that the cowgirl feeling never dies despite how many urban cities you live in, you can always find it, and I think everyone secretly has a little cowgirl in them! So let's just say I am more than a little excited to explore my inner cowgirl in a place that embraces all kinds of cowgirls and boys alike! Okay, so why am I hear on this beautiful new day of a new year you ask??? To wish you all a Happy New Year and a wonderful start to your 2012! I don't know about you, but I can just feel that this year is going to be a good one and I am ready to face it full force! I mean here are just a few of the exciting things to come in 2012...
  • Most importantly my husband and I will be celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary and our 8th year together! Woo hoo! I am told by a famous Texas talent Callye that I need to start saying woo hoo to get ready for when we move to Texas...lets just say, it incorporates perfectly into my current vocab! So here's to you Callye...WOO HOO!
  • I will be finishing my overly extended time of living like a college student and upgrading to adult status at the young age of 31, yep that's right, as of mid-January I will be the ripe ole age of 31...mark your calendars! And come June 30th, I can officially say I am finished with my journey of 13 years to become a doctor...well I have technically been a doctor since 2008, but now, I don't have to be babysat, so to speak! 
  • Many close people to me will be celebrating many notable anniversaries as well in 2012...my parents are at 36 years in 2012! My sister and her hubby will celebrate their one year anniversary in August and my bff and hubby will celebrate their one year anniversary as well this year, that is an exciting anniversary! Come to think of it, last night as the hubby and I celebrated our NYE with a glass of wine, we each said what our favorite memory of 2011 was and mine was actually the celebration of our 1st anniversary! So 1 year anniversaries=very important in my mind!
  • Speaking of anniversaries...my blog will celebrate 2 years this year, actually January is the month...hmmm...I better start thinking of something fun for my blogiversary I guess...any recommendations?
Well there are just a few things that I am excited about in 2012, I won't bore you with too many lists! Any of you excited for 2012 for one reason or another? Let me know!
So I know you are dying to know how a crazy gal like me and her amazing husband celebrate on a night like New Years Eve, right? Pretty much...we go BIG! I mean go big or go home right!?!? Well that is just what we did, we stayed home, sorta our thing. We love to eat, so that is always on board and since we love to eat and I love to bake it makes our lives pretty easy. So I am sure that you can all guess how we celebrated...good food, good wine, a little country Rock Band action, and a big smooch, a big slice of chocolate cake with a glass of milk @ midnight to ring in the New Year! Perfection! I know what you are thinking...pretty outrageous eating chocolate cake at midnight, and I bet you would think it is even more outrageous if I told you that the chocolate cake had coffee in it as well right? I mean how did I expect to sleep after eating a big slice of chocolate cake at midnight? Just like I always do...like a baby! And boy was the cake good! I am actually sitting here thinking about a piece right now! That is how good it was!

So now you want to know how you can make your very own delicious chocolate cake right...
  • click here: i am baker follow Amanda's directions for the cake and while you are at it, look at all of her beautiful pictures
  • while the cake is cooling, make your favorite frosting to dress-up your cake. For me, chocolate cake goes with chocolate frosting so I used my favorite fluffy chocolate frosting recipe that you can find at the bottom of this post.
  • Decorate as much or as little as you like. Trust me, when you are smelling this delectable treat, your motivation to have some extravagant design and therefore postpone your EET (estimated eating time) will go out the window.
  • Once decorated
    • grab a plate
    • cute a slice
    • grab a fork
    • pour some milk 
    • grab your hunny (or hide from others if you are not a sharer)
    • Sit back, relax and let every morsel of this baby invigorate your taste buds!  
Well all, there you have it! Here is to a beautiful new year with hope, dreams, love, laughter and smiles...and of course desserts! Happy baking, happier eating! Thank you all for following yet another year!

Fluffy Chocolate Frosting:
1 stick unsalted butter @ room temp
2/3 cup cocoa
3 cups confectioners sugar
1/3-1/2 cup milk
1/4 tsp. salt
2 tsp. vanilla
Cream butter and cocoa. Add sugar, milk, vanilla & salt, cream until incorporated on low/medium. Scrape bowl and turn mixer to high for a minute or two to get light fluffy frosting. I sometimes add more milk to thin it out even more to make a silky fluffy chocolate frosting...mmm...mmm...good!

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  1. Congratulations on reaching the milestone of Doctoring without a chaperone! Happy New Year to you and may all the best come your way in 2012 as you begin new adventures in Texas and celebrate many more wonderful occasions with family and friends.
    This cake looks wonderful and I love how you did 2012 on the top and Happy New Year around the edge.


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