Merry Christmas II

Amongst the sock cookie craze, I took on a couple other orders. The first were some snowflake cookies I did for a fun group of friends. I wanted to add just a touch of color on each cookie and came up with these:
After these I did two birthday sets that a friend ordered for her two girlfriends. I LOVED these sets because I was given a couple of guidelines as to what the birthday girls liked and was given creative freedom for the design.
Next...some more Holiday cookies
Then there were some Holiday cupcakes in a jar...of course I had to put some cookie additions on them as well...I also planned a little tutorial for these so stay tuned for that...
And finally, my last Christmas order were probably my favorite Christmas cookies thus far. I was going for a modern sophisticated look and I was pretty happy with the end result...sorry about the dark pics again...
Oh wait, there were also some cakepops there at the end :)
Okay all, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the love life and laughter of the ones you love! I hope to hear from you all soon and thank you again for following! Happy baking, happier eating!


  1. I am amazed as usual! I cannot even pick one to start...I love every single cookie. You inspire me and amaze me, and I don't know HOW you do all that you do!!! Here's to a good year. The one in which we will see each other at some point!!! Woo hoo! {you have to start saying that now, LOL}

  2. Ahh thanks SSB! I think the same about you! Here is to a wonderful 2012 and yes, we will definitely meet this year! Woo hoo! ;)


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