I know exactly what you are thinking right now...what the HECK does fire have to do with engagement cookies? Then you think to yourself...ohhhh, I know, Linzy is trying to think outside of the box and create the metaphor of FIRE as it relates to the passion and love between a newly engaged couple, that must be it!
Nope sadly, that's not it, I'm not that metaphorical; I actually quit metaphors, and many other grammatical things the minute I graduated high school and realized they pretty much would never be applicable in my boring world of science an math. But now that I do this whole blogging thing, I am thinking, grammar rules and tricks would probably be useful. I'd probably have a way cooler blog and like thousands of followers who loved reading my ultra clever and grammatically correct blogs, right? Well, oh well, I'm probably never going to relearn that stuff, there just isn't enough room left in my brain. Speaking of brain capacity, did you know that there actually is a limit to the knowledge, facts, etc. that the human brain can retain? I know, its a pretty crazy concept! Let me tell you, this concept comes in handy when I have some scary senior doctor asking me questions that, for the life of me, I cannot remember the answers to. I just think to myself...I must have exceeded my brain capacity by memorizing that last sandwich cookie recipe I created. Then I further reassure myself by remembering that if I were the one questioning the scary senior doctor about the chemistry of baking, he would fail miserably. All of this happens in about 3 seconds, so it looks like I am pondering the question I was just asked and then I reply, "Hmmm...I don't know Dr. Scary, I have been meaning to reread that concept but maybe we could go over it together?" Works for me! Plus I am way better at learning by having someone tell me something than by reading it myself, because I can remember something about the learning situation, for example, the horrible shirt the person is wearing or the funny way someone says a word, and those little cues help me to remember what the talk was about, it's awesome really!

Wow, a little side-tracked. Are you still with me? So why did I name this post about engagement cookies 'FIRE'? So last Saturday I was sitting in my little work station, writing my New Years post with one of my most favorite Voluspa candles (important part of the story to remember) on the dresser next to me, giving me the perfect blogging environment. My husband came home and asked me to come downstairs because our neighbor had something to share. So I went downstairs to find out that our neighbor had just proposed to his now fiance the night before. Now a little thing about me is that one of my most favorite things about people getting married, is hearing their engagement stories, I just love it! I get all giddy and excited to hear how it all played out. So anyhow, we were going through the whole scenario, I was grilling him for all the details, when suddenly, we hear our smoke alarm chirp. I said "oh probably out of batteries yet again." Then our smoke alarm really starts going off, both of them really start going off! So I run upstairs and as I near the top of the stairs, all I see is the bright reflection of orange glancing off the  white walls, my first thought..."holy crap, our apartment is on fire!" I turn the corner and look at my beloved candle that is now a complete fire ball and let out what apparently sounded like a freaked out scream (per my husband). He makes it up the stairs in 2 seconds, followed by our neighbor and I am sitting there trying to blow out this small fireball with all of my might. Our neighbor suggests water, fortunately I am constantly leaving half-full glasses of water everywhere (one of the many reasons my husband loves me, lol), so I grab one and throw it on the fireball. It subsequently becomes even angrier until my smart husband throws one of our bath towels over the top to extinguish the ball-o-fire! Yikes, right!?!? So after my husband and neighbor recovered from thinking I had started our apartment complex on fire, I realized that trying to squeeze the last hour of burn time out of my favorite candle was probably not worth the risk of being sued for arson. I came to the conclusion, that when a candle is contained in a metal tin, coated in pretty paint and gets down to the last little bit of wax; it therefore causes the tin to get SUPER hot and self-ignite the pretty paint and become a ball-o-fire that will eventually burn your house down! Are you noticing the amazing deducing skills that I gained from my $300,000 education, HA...HA...So I promptly removed all of the last-hour-of-burn-time-candles I have lying around and got excited about the opportunity to buy more cleaning the clutter out of our apartment! Lesson learned!

So now you can totally see why this post about the happy engagement cookies I made for our newly engaged neighbors is so appropriately named 'FIRE!' As fir the cookies, I loved them, I had a lot of fun making them and wanted a clean, modern engagement celebration look to them. Thank you so much for following my REALLY long post about how these cookies were born! I'm off to document my next post the life in a day of cake-making, exciting!!! Happy baking, happier eating!


  1. I am so glad that you managed to put out that fire ball before it got any worse! It can all happen so fast. Whew!
    On another note, these cookies are beautiful and you certainly achieved the clean look you were going for. Very classy.

    P.S. Glad to see a the engagement ring has a gold band...most cookies I see of this are done with silver. I prefer the gold actually.

  2. I tell my college kids when I seem to have forgotten rent checks, sorority dues and care packages, that my brain is crowded and the only way for me to remember anymore to to clear out info that is already deposited! (looks like I am sort of right!) The cookies, BTW, are sensational, and I suspect the small fire will be a permanent part of the engagement story!

  3. Thank you Paula! I am glad you like the gold :) I always do my bands gold :)
    Susie, glad we are on the same page ;) I swear that concept is true!

  4. Just found your blog...love your cookie art.... do you use a projector to get such perfect lettering?


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