Paris Themed Cookies

You guys are shocked, I know, 2 posts in one 24 hour period...crazy! You guys may be about as shocked as my husband was the other night when I actually stayed awake for a whole movie after 3pm! Shocking I know. I used to have a 7pm cut-off for movie watching in my younger years, but now-a-days, seems that cut-off is getting closer and closer to the morning hours. I know what you are thinking...I am pri-tee lame, but let me just tell you, I get some of my best sleep during a movie, its amazing!
Let me just give you a little sample of our pre-movie night conversation...
Me "Oh hunny, we should watch a movie tonight, that would be soooo fun and cozy!!! We can eat popcorn and just relax on the couch!" (at this point I am generally thrilled about the idea of movie watching) Mr. F "Oh okay, you mean we can eat popcorn and I will watch the movie alone after the opening credits?"
Me "Not this time, I am feeling REALLY awake so I know I will stay awake tonight!"
Mr. F "Okay, that sounds good, anything you want to watch?"
Me "Hmmm...I will think about it, maybe we should browse the PPV channels?"

{fast forward to movie time...imagine a warm, dimly lit living room with popcorn aroma filling the air}

Mr. F "So what do you want to watch? I was thinking blank blank or blank." Generally blanks filled in with a mystery thriller or suspense drama type of movie.
Me "I really wanted to see blank blank or blank." Generally blanks filled in with some chick-flick romance sorta movie.
Mr. F "So you really think you are going to stay awake huh?"
Me-at this point my sleep deficit in combo with the cozy ambiance starts to imply that I may not actually make it through the opening credits so I say "Actually, let's watch something you want to watch for a change?"

And so it goes, you know how this story ends, we watch a mystery thriller/suspense drama that actually ends up being pretty good to start and then like clockwork my top eyelids slowly make it closer to the bottom, my head starts to bob, and I lose track of everything going on in the movie (because I am really asleep, trying to pretend I'm not) and then Mr. F says "are you sleeping" and I try to act fully awake alert and oriented but sure enough, the REM cycle wins out and I miss yet another movie! It's just the way I roll!

So what does any of this have to do with Paris-themed cookies you ask? Everything! We (big emphasis on we) watched the Tourist the other night and the opening scene is in Paris and I thought what a great time to post these cookies! And now we come full circle! I originally made these cookies about two months ago for a friends 30th birthday and completely forgot to post them. When I remembered that I used to actually write in my blog posts and try to be a little clever (instead of just posting pics as of late) I figured I would save posting these photos until I could come up with something to write about them. So as luck would have it...I stayed up through a whole movie and got a little clever with tying the two together, lucky you!
I loved this set, I love the simplicity of ivory and black and the friend I was making them for loves everything Paris so it was the perfect opportunity to get creative with the sophistication of black and ivory. They were all minis intended to be cute bite size Parisian bites ;) I hope you enjoy and as always...happy baking, happier eating!


  1. Thank you Samantha! Happy new year!

  2. So pretty! Love the colors! I haven't been able to stay awake through a movie in a very long time either....I actually fell asleep in the theater with my son a few months ago...whoops!

  3. Your piping work on these cookies is wonderful!

  4. LOVE the white on white!!!

  5. These cookies are beautiful!! I love everything about them.

  6. These are beautiful, Linzy!!!

  7. How would I be able to order some paris themed cookies, I want them as a center piece for my daughter's 15th birthday(quincera).. Please let me knw prices...My email is vmoreno3136@yahoo.com


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