Cutest Ever!

So I think that kids are by far the most adorable things, but even cuter when I have such fond memories with them! I am posting the most adorable kid pic today because it is one of those that will just melt your heart and bring a smile to your face no matter what sort of day you have had...
As you have heard me say in my monkeys & bananas post, Logan is my dear friend Carolyn's (remember to enter our giveaway!!!) son who just had his 3rd birthday last week. Logan holds such a special part in my heart because I was so lucky to get to spend a lot of time with little Logan as a baby. Carolyn had him in 2007 which was my last year of medical school. My last year was unique because I had given up my apartment in Philly because I was doing a number of clinical rotations in LA where Barry and I decided we would call home during my residency. Therefore when I had to return to Philly for my school requirements, I was between Barry's Manhattan apartment and Carolyn & Ryan's Philly apartment. So whenever I needed to stay in Philly or needed anything for that matter, Carolyn would come to my rescue. I cannot count the numerous times she and Ryan helped me (like the time my car broke down in North Philly-lets just say North Philly does not battle for the most dangerous U.S. city for nothing). It was quite a site to see, this young couple with a beautiful new baby boy and me sleeping on their living room floor on an air mattress that had a permanent location from December to May. It was these few months that Logan and I became buds, I would get to bathe, feed, rock, dress, change and hug Logan all I wanted, Carolyn was such a cool first time mom!
So now you can see why I adore little Logan, who is not so little anymore, and why the below picture is the cutest thing ever! I was so happy to make little Logs his birthday cookies and after seeing this adorable pic one of the party goers mom's posted on facebook, it made me even happier!
Here is Logan passing out his cookie favors at his party to his little friend Oscar. Adorable is it not! Kids remind you to appreciate the simple things in life, because it goes by so quickly. It seems like every time I blink another year goes by.
Just yesterday he was this big and today he is 3! I can't even imagine how his momma must feel! Here's to a happy life filled with wonderful memories, don't forget to enjoy them (I speak very loudly to myself), it is so easy to get caught up in your to-do-list but sometimes the best memories are when you to-don't! Happy Baking...Happier Eating!

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  1. Your blog is amazing! I found you after reading one of your comments on Bake at 350. Isn't Bridget amazing??? She is my inspiration! I love your cookies....darling lady bug hearts and engagement rings...and those monkeys....too cute!!! I am struggling with some indent problems lately in my flooding icing...esp. in small areas...when I am drawing a freehand design (like your monkey) and filling in...sometimes pits form as they dry. Do you ever have that problem? What royal icing recipe do you use? I use Marian's from sweetopia. Just wanted to say how much I LOVE your blog!!! You have great talent!!


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