Sweet Treats!

So I did quite a bit of baking/decorating this weekend, I was having a drought, but now I am replenished, at least until this weekend! So here are a couple of pics of the other cookies I did in addition to the monkeys.
First off are ring cookies that I love so much because for one they are really cute and secondly...it means someone got engaged!!! That someone is my sis! Because my sis gave us her gift of flowers for our special day, I am giving her my gift of baking for her special day, and I came up with this cute little gift idea to tell her! Two of the cookies had white disco dust and the other two had white nonpareils. They turned out so cute and then I tied them all together with red & white kitchen twin and put a little note on them, so cute! I can't wait for their big day!!!
These are some cookies that I made with my extra dough and icing, turned out cute right? They are ladybugs, with eyelashes of course, that are made with a heart cutter. Minis and regular sizes make them a lady bug family! The minis are perfect because you can just pop them in your mouth and not even feel guilty!
Well all, make sure you enter my giveaway, you definitely do not want to miss it! Happy Baking, Happier Eating!


  1. I didn't think you could better the monkey cookies but you have...adorable.(-:

  2. What a great idea to use the heart cutter for those! LOVE them! :)

  3. Very cute using the heart cutter for these! Love that idea :)


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