Fall's a Hoot!

So here are a couple of cookies I did over the past week with Fall gatherings in mind. My oldest friend, Crystal(not by age but of years of friendship) just turned a very special age and therefore deserved some very special cookies. I picked up this adorable owl cutter a few weeks ago at my favorite baking store and figured this would be the perfect birthday treat!

In addition to the birthday owls, I made a fall-themed set of cookies for Carolyn to have at her Thirty One drop-in party this upcoming weekend. Pumpkins, leaves, and owls all in rich fall colors. Just  looking at them makes me feel cozy and crave some caramel apple cider from Starbucks...yummy! Speaking of, I cannot wait until I see the first Starbucks Holiday Cup! I must say my spending at Starbucks goes up at least 20% because of those cups, somehow a silly little cup brings me utter Holiday happiness! Well I hope to have more pics to post soon. I definitely need to get into some warm, rich holiday baking and maybe some new recipes to discuss as well! 
 Happy Baking, Happier Eating!


  1. The owls are adorable!!! Can't wait for that "taste" of fall!!!!! You are so talented!!!! And, I wish you would deliver these in person!!!!

  2. I love these fall cookies! Makes me so excited for cooler weather, although it's been pretty warm here lately. What recipe do you use for your royal icing? I've yet to get that one down!

  3. These are just darling!!!!!! I love how you did their tummies!!! Your cookies look so sharp and precise! What recipe for sugar cookie dough do you use?? I showed my mother your blog today....she was soooo impressed and absolutely loved your wedding cake:) Thanks again for sharing your talents!!

  4. Thank you all for the comments! Kate the royal icing recipe I use is:
    5 T meringue powder
    3/4 c. water
    1 t cream of tartar
    2 lbs powdered sugar
    Combine meringue powder and water-whisk. Add cream of tartar-whisk. dump in all of powdered sugar and tun your mixer on for about 10 mins on low. At that point you will have thick white frosting, color and thin down as needed. Let me know if you need specific tips!

  5. Hi Linzy...
    I have a request for owls and was going to make these...they are too darn cute...but wondering... did you do the whites of the eyes with flooding frosting.....or piping....can't decide what to do and what size tip to use...and wondered if you remembered how you did it. Eyes are always my struggle! Hope all is well:)


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