Pearls Are This Gals Best Friend...

Sugar pearls that is! I love love love using them to decorate all things! They add a touch of sophistication and glam to any baked treat. The only problem is that when you buy them...there are about a million (gross exaggeration) per container. Therefore you can see that if I bought every color I need I would have way to many to handle! So I came up with a great way to get any color you like with minimal time spent. All you need is:
  • white sugar pearls
  • soft paintbrush (clean)
  • liquid or paste food coloring
  • small bowl
Now place the amount you need in your small bowl. 
Place a small amount of food coloring in a small well and dip your paintbrush in making sure you spread the coloring around evenly on the brush.
Take your paintbrush into the bowl of pearls and gently dab your paintbrush on the pearls with lots of swirling action until all of your pearls are uniform in color. 
Allow to dry for an hour or two before using. 
So what did I use they pretty guys for you ask? The stamen centers of some simple little royal icing chrysanthemums that I made for a 35th wedding anniversary cake for my friend Julie's parents.
35 years...can you believe it, what a wonderful accomplishment! That is 84 times longer than I have been married, lol! I am sure it seems like just yesterday that they were enjoying their yellow wedding cake (good taste in cake color right?) amongst their family and friends. Congratulations you two and to everyone who cherishes the commitment they made to one another day after day, year after year! It truly is a beautiful thing!
Happy Baking, Happier Eating!


  1. Stunning, absolutely stunning xxx
    Helen Ellis

  2. Thank you so much Helen!


  4. I am going to be making a 35th anniversary cake for my friend and according to the web, I am going to need Coral colored pearls. I have been looking all over the web on how to color pearls and finally found your blog! Thank you so much for the tutorial!


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